Polar Equine RS800CX G3 Horse Heart Rate Monitor + GPS Speed & Distance


Polar Equine RS800CX G3 – The heart of your training

At the heart of your training lies the RS800CX Equine wrist unit. With the ability to record a wide range of performance details, the unit works with the Polar Equine T56H W.I.N.D. transmitter to provide you with the most accurate measurement of your heart rate. This kit at the most basic level is compatible with all W.I.N.D. sensors, so you can create and build on your training system to keep up with all your training challenges – now and in the future.

Polar Equine RS800CX G3 – Wireless heart rate, altitude & speed*

The Equine RS800CX G3 is designed to help you improve performance by planning, monitoring and analyzing training data. You are able to measure and record not only heart rate but also altitude and speed.

While comparing your horse’s heart rate with differences in altitude and speed you get a better understanding of the horse’s workload in training or competition. All this information helps you to tailor an individual training program for your horse.

Polar RS800CX Equine – Main features:

Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
Polar Sport Zones
Altitude and ascent
Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5™ Equine Edition software
R-R Recording
Display zoom
User replaceable battery
Display text in English, German, French and Spanish

The Polar Equine RS800CX is a new generation of wireless heart rate monitors.

The new Polar Equine T56H W.I.N.D. transmitter is a coded and wireless textile transmitter with 2.4GHz transmission, which is disturbance-free from all other electronic devices preventing cross talk from other heart rate monitors in group situations.

The new Polar Equine T56H W.I.N.D. transmitter transmitter is the new generation of heart rate transmitters for horses. This evolution of the WearLink Equine transmitter launched in 2007 has been fully developed in textile and does not cause any discomfort to the horse. It features textile electrodes made from conductive elastic fibres which adapt perfectly to the movements of a galloping horse. These electrodes include an absorbent cushion to ensure permanent contact with the skin and assure the necessary dampness for relaying the heart rate signal.

The electronic part of the transmitter can be detached to change the battery and replace the electrode strap.

Putting the transmitter into place is extremely simple: the + electrode is first placed under the saddlecloth, the – electrode is then fixed to the saddle girth and finally the transmitter is fixed to the saddle.

The Polar Equine T56H transmitter is only compatible with W.I.N.D. technology receivers, such as Polar RS800, RS800CX and CS600. For compatibility with non-W.I.N.D. receivers, see Polar Equine T54H transmitter.

Its longer transmission range (over 15 feet or 5 meters) allows, for example, the harness driver to monitor the horse’s heart rate wirelessly from the seat of the sulky.

The Polar Equine RS800CX set includes:

Polar Equine RS800CX Receiver
Polar Equine T56H W.I.N.D. transmitter
Polar G3 GPS Sensor
Polar Protrainer 5.0, Equine Edition
Polar Infrared USB Stick (FREE)


When combined with the Polar G3 GPS sensor, the RS800CX and CS600X allows you to track your route on Google Earth or any compatible GPX mapping software. For a better understanding of your training session, the layout of your route changes colour (for example, from green to red) depending on heart rate intensity and the colours you have chosen.

Compatible with existing RS800’s, the g3 sensor is incorporates the SIRF-III GPS chipset, the sensor provides excellent coverage, fast time to first fix and optimal power consumption. A single AA battery provides up to 20 hours continual use. Weighing only 80grams (inc. battery) and water resistant to 3 bar, g3 is extremely compact and built to withstand the harshest conditions of even the most extreme disciplines.


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