Polar Heart Rate Monitors UK

Polar Heart Rate Monitors are the fitness monitor market leaders whether you are into fitness training to compete or exercising to improve your health you need to monitor your performance. Polar heart rate monitors enable you to get the most from your efforts and improve your performance. A heart rate monitor lets you listen to your body. Polar heart rate monitors combine the knowledge and expertise of Physiologists, Electronic Engineers and Computer Scientists to create products and technology that do just that.

Polar’s comprehensive range of Heart Rate Monitors and heart rate monitor products offers solutions for all levels of fitness enthusiast, whether the goal is rehabilitation, weight management, to improve health and fitness or compete at championship level.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors offer an unsurpassed measure of heart rate and bio feedback. As an athlete, you understand the benefits that technology can offer. For example, Titanium frames, aero bars and sports nutrition are advancements that have shaped the sport of cycling for the last 15 years. But there is one thing that has been around the sport even longer – a heart rate monitor. More specifically, a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. To understand how a Polar Heart Rate Monitor can help you, Polar has established the Polar 3 Point Message:

  1. In order to reach your goals, you need to train at the right intensity
  2. Heart rate is the only accurate measurement of your intensity or your exertion level
  3. A Polar HRM is the easiest and most accurate way to continuously measure your heart rate.

If you’re not using a Polar heart rate monitor watch, you probably train with someone who does. You may have resisted until now, and hopefully that will end here. There are many different thoughts on how to prepare for a triathlon, whether Olympic distance, Ironman, or just a sprint. Two of the most famous triathletes of all time actually have very different approaches to training. Mark Allen and Dave Scott have adapted their own way of preparing themselves and their trainees for competition. But there is one thing that their training programs have in common. They both rely on heart rate monitors as a critical part of their program. Not sold yet? Just open a Triathlon magazine and you are bound to find an article on heart rate training. But, you have to experience the benefits of an HRM yourself.

If you’re very new to the concept of a Heart Rate Monitor, you might be wondering what it is. It consists of a sport watch worn on your wrist, and a transmitter that you comfortably wear against your skin and around your chest. The transmitter picks up the signals of your heart, and sends them wirelessly to the watch you wear on your wrist. It’s that simple. No wires, no taking your pulse and doing a multiplication equation. Just look at your wrist and it’s there. And it’s displayed continuously. The continuous display is what makes it effective. It’s there to guide you during your entire workout. The Polar FT40 above is an ideal starting point for the fitness ethusiast. The FT40 helps you to achieve your goals by giving you a better understanding of your body with simple training guidance. It determines the right training intensity for your training session, allowing you to enjoy your training and improve your overall fitness.

The Polar Heart Rate Monitor is like a coach that guides you through each workout. For endurance workouts, it paces you so you don’t overdo it. For tempo runs, it keeps you on track. And for interval workouts, it makes sure you go hard enough and you recover when it’s time. Nothing else can guide you that way. It can show you when you are dehydrating, or running out of nutrition, or not recovered from a previous day’s workout. It allows you to analyze workouts and races so you can identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Your titanium frame is great, but if you’re not training the right way, it may as well be made out of lead. If you are familiar with Polar Heart Rate monitors, you understand why they are among the best made. They are able to track not just your heart rate but some of the range can also track your running speed, distance (with the Foot Pod or GPS Sesnor) or cycling speed and distances (with speed and cadence sensors). Integration of these functions keeps Polar at the top of their game. They bring their expertise in heart rate training to you – the everyday athlete. Triathlon training within heart rate zones is important for success in triathlon races. These heart rate monitors make tracking your Ironman Triathlon training or sprint triathlon training easy to both track and analyze. Please note that Polar Heart Rate Monitors

The Polar Heart Rate Monitors range includes the New RS800CX, RS800CX RUN, RS800CX BIKE, RS800CX MULTI, RS800CX Pro Team Edition (PTE). The New RS300X, RS300X SD, RS300X G1, and the CS600X and CS600X with Power Cycle Computers along with established models including the RS100, FT4, FT6, F11 and the new Fitness Heart Rate Monitor range including the FT40, FT60, FT80. These models are compatible with a variety of accessories including the G1 GPS Sensor, G3 GPS Sensor, S1 Footpod, and S3 Stride Sensor.