Sci-MX Lean Grow MRF – 5KG

It is an extremely versatile product and can be used as a muscle-building weight-gainer, a muscle maintenance product, optimising muscle performance, or as a meal replacement.



Use Lean Grow MRF for:

• Building lean muscle
• High protein supplement
• Increasing lean bodyweight
• Convenient and nutritious meal replacement
• Increasing strength and energy for sport and work-outs
• An “in between meals” food option to achieve 5 – 6 meals per day
• Keeping fat off when following a lean muscle building diet and training program
• Maintaining muscle mass when doing high levels of cardiovascular fitness training

Typically Used By:

• Strength athletes, bodybuilders, weight-lifters
• Power athletes such as rugby players, wrestlers, field event athletes, boxers etc
• Anyone wanting a protein-rich, balanced and nutritious meal replacement formula
• Anyone wanting to gain muscle weight, “bulk-up” or improve all-round sports performance
• Endurance athletes wanting to build muscle or increase strength (Tri-athletes, cyclists,
• swimmers)

Unique points:

• Contains Sci-MX’s unique protein blend which combines 5 different protein sources
• Contains Sci-MX’s unique Opti-Zyme™ digestive enzyme formulation for improved absorption
• Offers a unique, almost 50/50 premium protein to complex carbohydrate nutrition ratio
• No other premium lean muscle gain or meal replacement formula comes in a 5kg (45
• servings) container
• Unlike many lean muscle gainers and meal replacements, this product is sucrose free and
• aspartame free
• Unlike most meal replacements, vital muscle-repairing L-Glutamine is automatically
• included in Lean Grow MRF
• Mixes easily with water into a thick delicious shake – Sci-MX products are renowned for their great taste!
• Contains a vital and comprehensive vitamin and mineral package often neglected in lean
• muscle gainers

Feature Ingredients per 110g serving:

• 43g Protein – A blend of protein sources including whey protein isolate and concentrate,
• egg albumen powder, calcium caseinate and soy protein isolate
• 49g Carbohydrates – Slow burning complex carbohydrates from a proven natural corn
• source (and not sucrose) ensuring a sustained energy supply without encouraging fat
• storage
• Vitamins and Minerals – Complete vitamin and mineral package providing essential micro-
• nutrients
• BCAA enriched amino package – providing branched chain amino acids as well as all other
• essential & non-essential muscle building amino-acids
• L-Glutamine for enhanced muscle Grow th, repair, and recovery (See Sci-MX’s L-Glutamine
• powder for more information)
• 4g MCT – body fat reducing essential fats, also providing additional high energy calories
• and ensuring minimal muscle catabolism
• Opti-Zyme™ – Sci-MX’s unique digestive enzyme formulation increases protein absorption
• and causes a slower, sustained release into the system
• Safe and approved sweetener (sucralose)
• Sucrose free and contains no artificial colourants or chemical preservatives

Full ingredient list: Whey protein isolate and concentrate, maltodextrin, egg albumen, calcium caseinate, soy protein, fructose, MCT (medium chain triglycerides), starch, stabiliser: cellulose gum, cocoa powder (chocolate only), l-glutamine, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, flavouring, vitamin Blend (A, C, E, D3, B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, biotin, folic acid, B12), taurine, leucine, iso-leucine, valine, sweetener: sucralose

How does Lean Grow MRF differ from Mass System & Lean Grow Extreme?

At 49g of carbohydrates per serving, Lean Grow MRF offers moderate carbohydrate content, placing it in between that of Mass System (higher in carbs – 100g p/serving) and Lean Grow Extreme (lower in carbs – 32g p/serving). This makes it ideal for anyone requiring an almost 50:50 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio from a supplement. It is an extremely versatile product and can be used as a muscle-building weight-gainer, a muscle maintenance product, optimising muscle performance, or as a meal replacement.

Answers to some FAQ’s about Lean Grow MRF:

• Can be combined with any muscle Growth, strength, or performance enhancing product by
• Sci-MX
• Designed to mix with water but can be mixed with skimmed milk if desired
• No blender required – mixes easily in a handheld shaker

Recommended Use:

Add two rounded scoops to 350-400 ml of cold water (depending on individual preference). Blend or shake in a hand held shaker for 30 seconds. Have 2 to 3 servings daily. Servings may be halved. Use between meals, or within 30 minutes after training as a recovery drink.

More about Lean Grow MRF:

High protein nutrition shakes play an important role in the daily nutritional plan of strength athletes, power and endurance athletes, and body builders. Physical activity (sport, training, etc.) increases the body’s requirement for nutrients, which is why elite athletes focus so much attention on the daily intake of nutritious foods and supplements. Due to the sheer bulk of the amount of food required, and the effort in preparing nutritious meals, high protein nutrition shakes are used by athletes to conveniently replace meals.

A serious athlete, or even the guy or girl in the gym with a fantastic physique, will normally consume 5 to 6 modest, high nutrient meals per day. This is because smaller amounts of the right nutrients supplied frequently throughout the day helps to increase the absorption of nutrients, maintain constant blood sugar levels, and very importantly, increase the body’s ability to burn fat as energy and maintain muscle tissue.

Sci-MX’s Lean Grow MRF contains optimum quantities of proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to simulate a high protein, healthy meal. The nutritional profile of one serving is similar to that of one and a half chicken breasts, a medium size potato, and the vitamins and minerals that typically exist in a variety of vegetables and fruit, as well as added essential fats and vital free form and branch chain amino acids. Sci-MX’s Lean Grow MRF is often described as the “essential all-rounder” of supplements, with almost one billion servings consumed each year world wide.

Sci-MX’s Lean Grow MRF is an advanced, lean muscle building formula that is designed for active people who require top quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients for optimum health and muscle performance.

This product is designed for anyone wanting to build muscle fast, as well as people that need balanced and nutritious meals throughout the day or after a strenuous strength or endurance training session.

Carbohydrates are often referred to as being “protein sparing” or “muscle sparing” because your body will burn carbohydrates as energy before it resorts to burning protein or even muscle tissue for energy. Having enough carbohydrates in the body will help prevent athletes and weight lifters from losing muscle unnecessarily. This factor is the reason why Lean Grow MRF is a must for anyone wanting to build muscle whilst remaining lean.

Studies have shown that using a variety of protein sources such as those in Lean Grow MRF, works best for improving protein synthesis and ensuring that a slow, steady release of amino-acids is fed into the bloodstream.

Unlike many other lean muscle gain or meal replacement formulas, Sci-MX’s Lean Grow MRF is virtually sugar free and contains only very small amounts of purposefully added fructose (natural fruit sugars) which are the best source of liver glycogen replacement (energy stored in the liver).

This unique formula combines high biological value (BV) protein with low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates to build and repair muscle tissue while balancing nitrogen levels during workouts.

It is designed to pack muscle on fast whilst keeping fat off with an ideal protein-to-carb ratio, and provide a level of quality protein that guarantees an anabolic (promotes muscle Grow th) environment within the body.

Sci-MX’s Lean Grow MRF is a complete meal that is very low in fat, delicious and easily digested!

• Do not exceed the recommended daily intake
• Food supplements should not replace a varied diet
• Keep this product in a cool, dry place out of reach of young children
• Allergens: Cows milk protein, Lactose, Chickens egg, Soy Protein
• Non GMO
• Nuts: Nuts are not an ingredient used in the product. Manufacturing Process – This product may have been manufactured in an environment where traces of nuts may exist.


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