Trion:Z Magnetic Ionic Sports Bracelet – Green / Black Medium



Trion:Z Magnetic Ionic Sports Bracelets & Necklaces

Colour: Green / Black Medium

The Trion:Z Technology

Background of Minus Ions

  • Minus Ions are generally abundant in nature through plants, waterfalls, rain storms and forests. These Ions unfortunately are depleted in urban areas as a result of modern technology.
  • It is believed that the human body absorbs Positive Ions from electronic equipment, cell phones, electrical wiring, and machinery encountered in everyday modern life. Physical stress and exposure to Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Rays also elevates the positive ion levels within the body.

Stayers™ A Unique Material

Trion:Z’s Wrist Bands are made with “Stayers™”, a unique textile with minus-ion producing minerals woven into the fabric. It generates significant levels of Minus Ions.

  • The minus-ions in Trion:Z products are released in measurable and in significant amounts.
  • Produces twenty to fifty times more Minus Ions than competing ion bracelets.
  • Can be washed and will still maintain its minus-ion producing properties when wet, and can be worn while swimming or surfing.
  • Used by leading sports personalities in the world of Running, Cricket, Golf and Tennis. Proven to reduce the pain of repetitive injuries and improve circulation, oxygenation and ultimately performance.

Available in the following Colours:

Black / Black
Pink / White
Blue / Black
Green / Black
Purple / Black


Small (16cm)
Medium (18cm)
Large (20cm)
Extra Large (22cm) – Special order only


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