Kettler Condor Cross Trainer

The Kettler Condor Cross Trainer with futuristic design & polished technology. All pivot points have dual ball bearings -which ensure an especially smooth and even elliptical sequence of motions.Specifications




  • Training computer- Highly accurate calibrated computer ensures that the displayed information is true and precise.
  • MAGNETIC-BRAKE SYSTEM with continuous adjustment of resistance with display of braking force from 1-10
  • High precision German craftsmanship of factory milled and robotically welded proprietary tunnel design steel tubing for superior strength and finished with a high quality metallic powder coat.
  • 45 lbs. flywheel system purposefully intended for delivering very smooth momentum when exercising in either forward or reverse motion.
  • 6″ adjustable footplate varies the angle of the elliptical pattern
  • 16″ diameter stride within a beneficial and comfortable bio mechanic pattern of oval shaped motion
  • Variable magnetic resistance is smooth, quiet and maintenance free. A twist knob adjustable tension shaft which is more dependable than the typical fully cable operated systems and provides enough resistance to challenge the accomplished athlete.
  • Ergonomically formed tubing of cross-training bars for proper back and arm posture during upper body exercises.
  • Contact pulse rate sensors located on center handlebar allow the user to monitor heart rate and receive a more effective workout.
  • All swiveling joints sealed with double set of ball bearings
  • Backward and forward movement for varied exercising of muscles
  • Ergonomically shaped grip for exercising torso: additional grips with hand sensors
  • Adjustable non-slip pedal surfaces
  • Transport rollers underneath frame’s front base for ease of movement of the machine.
  • Floor levelers underneath frame’s rear base for stabilization on uneven floors.
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Dimensions when assembled: l = 144 cm, w = 53 cm, h = 153 cm.

Training computer

Jumbo-LCD for measuring time, speed, pedaling rhythm, distance covered per session, total distance covered, energy consumption, room temperature, pulse rate and recovery-pulse rate.

Recovery pulse with fitness mark 1-6. Automatic switch between data sets shown. Possible settings: time, distance, energy consumption, optimum pulse rate for exercising

Electronic measurement of pulse rate using either hand sensors, ear clip (both supplied with the unit) or the optional Cardio-Pulse-Set accessory.


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