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Petzl Zipka and Zipka Plus Case
Case for Petzl Zipka and Zipka Plus compact headlamps mounted on retractable cord. Protects headlamp from impacts and scraping, Perfect for holding other small items, too.

Petzl Tikka & Petzl Tikka Plus Case
Pouch for Petzl Tikka and Tikka Plus compact headlamps. Protects headlamp from impacts and scraping, Holds spare batteries or lenses,Perfect for holding other small items, too.

Petzl Signal - Versatile blinking red safety light
Save: £0.50!
Petzl Signal - Versatile blinking red safety light. Ideal for horse riding or running.  Can be clipped onto a jacket, onto the saddle, around the arm or on the peak of a hat.

Petzl E Lite Emergency Head Torch
Save: £5.05!
The E Lite Emergency Head Torch is designed for any situation. It is ultra-lightweight, comes in a hard case and can easily be stored with its batteries in a backpack, jacket, or emergency kit for up to 10 years.  Ideal for running and horse riding.

Petzl Tikka Plus - 4 LED Headtorch
Save: £5.51!
Petzl Tikka Plus - Designed to meet the many proximity lighting needs encountered when running, riding or trekking over many days. It has three lighting modes to adapt the power and burn time of the light to the activity.

Petzl Zipka Plus 4 LED Headlamp (Head Torch)
Save: £5.00!
ZIPKA PLUS 4 LED headlamp (head torch) with 3 lighting levels on a retractable cord. Ideal for Horse Riding & Equestrian pursuits and around the Stable Yard.

Petzl Tikka XP Head Torch
Save: £7.00!
The Petzl Tikka XP is the next generation of the Tikka headtorch (headlamp) range providing excellent illumination and a long light duration. Compact in design thanks to the batteries being located within the lamp's body it is ideal for running or cycling.
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