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Breo Flip Flop

Breo Flip Flop

A smash hit worldwide and regularly worn by the worlds most famous feet. Perfect for summer holidays or winter sun. Come complete with their own carry bag.

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Available in the following colours and sizes:

  • Red/Blue/Yellow: Size 6-7

  • Red/Blue/Yellow: Size 8-9

  • Lime/Red: Size 6-7

  • Lime/Red: Size 8-9

  • Yellow/Pink: Size 4-5

  • Red/Turquoise: Size 6-7

  • Khaki/Dark: Size 8-9

  • Brazil: Size 6-7

  • Brazil: Size 8-9

  • Blue/Brown: Size 6-7

  • Blue/Brown: Size 8-9



Product Details

Breo Flip Flops

A smash hit worldwide and regularly worn by the world's most famous feet.

Made from 100% natural Thai rubber, these Breo flip flops feel much softer and solid underfoot compared to regular flip flops and have the added bonus of remaining odour free. They are made from a raw natural latex which is both organic and bio-degradable, thus helping the environment.

  • Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly

  • 100% organic

  • Available in 11 designs

  • breo® Carry bag included

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