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How Much Do I Need To Spend On A Heart Rate Monitor?

How much do i need to spend on a heart rate monitor?

There are many different types of heart rate monitors, of various price ranges, so how do you exactly what you need to spend? Heart rate monitors are now available in so many different models. They are available from many trusted brands, and have various functions. Choice is abounding. So the difficulty is actually choosing one that's right for you. Realistically, how much should you actually fork out for a heart rate monitor?

If you're looking for a heart rate monitor, you either push yourself too hard or you're not pushing yourself hard enough. If you don't have goals and targets, you will never improve. But if you can't get the motivation in your head, perhaps your heart will be able to kick you into action.

Why Do I Need a Heart Rate Monitor?

A HRM can help you visualise and reach targets in your training. It can also ensure that you don't over-exercise, as this can cause your body more damage than good. Heart rate monitors help you firstly establish your own levels, and it can help you find suitable workout 'zones' or targets that are there to help you improve.

Prices for heart rate monitors vary, so the first thing you need to do is think about what you want to achieve. The reasons you may want to invest in HRMs could be anything from desire to lose weight, improving fitness and general health, training for a marathon, improving stamina for long-distance running, improving endurance for sprinting, or just finding the perfect work out routine.

Knowing exactly what it is that you want to do will dictate exactly what functions you require from your heart rate monitor. Defining your key goals will help you decide whether you need to spend 30 or 300!

What am I Paying For?

Beginners' HRM models will allow you to monitor heart-rate and calories burned. You can control heart-rate intensity and individual training sessions. Some models will include the extras such as laps, split times, and average heart rate for each lap, and multiple target training zones. More expensive heart rate monitors with GPS units will give you distance feedback and use indicators that help to control your pace. This real-time technology can stop you from over-exercising for long distance running or races.

Your Heart Rate Monitor from Fitsense Sports

At Fitsense Sports, we stock a range of equipment to help you improve your training results, as well as plenty of information on the best way to organise your programme. We sell great quality, affordable heart rate monitors from leading manufacturers, and we can tell you everything you need to know in order to decide which monitor to buy. Take the time to browse our site and buy securely online, or call us on 01949 898 205 to speak to our customer service team.

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