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Coffee Vs Tea For Fat Loss

Coffee Vs Tea For Fat Loss

You probably already know that a shot of caffeine before your workouts can give you more energy and help you burn more fat. For that reason, millions of people drink a cup or two of coffee before hitting the weights or heading off to aerobics class.

But did you know that tea - especially green tea - has been shown to be far more effective than coffee for fat loss?

Recent research shows that tea's combination of natural caffeine and phytochemical antioxidants (called "catechins") is incredibly effective at promoting fat loss, mainly by elevating thermogenesis (body heat production).

There is also evidence that chemicals in tea help to protect lean muscle tissue and stabilise blood sugar levels - not to mention boost your immune system, inhibit tumour growth, kill dangerous bacteria, and much, much more!

Simply put, tea burns fat more efficiently than coffee and provides far more health benefits. Drink 2 strong cups of green tea half an hour before your workouts. You'll get the energy- boost of coffee as well as the fat-burning, muscle-saving, and health-promoting benefits of tea!

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