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Looking for heart rate monitors, sports watches, sports supplements, gps watches ,or fitness equipment? Fitsense is a complete online training resource helping you achieve your fitness goals fast whether you're after fitness equipment or advice. We stock a wide range of products from top brands including Polar, Garmin, Timex, Tanita, Sci-MX, Maximuscle, Cardiosport, Apple, Sennheiser, Oregon Scientific, Powerlung, Luminox and Nike.......
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Featured Fitness Equipment
Timex Ironman 50 Lap Sleek T5H391
Price: £45.99 Save: £4.00!
Timex Ironman 50 Lap Sleek T5H391
Timex 30 Lap Heart Rate Monitor T5C401
Price: £63.99 Save: £16.00!
Timex 30 Lap Heart Rate Monitor T5C401
Timex Midsize Sleek OVA 75 Lap - T5F931
Price: £48.99 Save: £11.00!
Timex Midsize Sleek OVA 75 Lap - T5F931
Sci-MX Xedra Cut MX (100 Caps)
Price: £22.99 Save: £5.00!
Sci-MX Xedra Cut MX (100 Caps)
Timex iControl Ironman T5K047
Price: £59.99 Save: £20.00!
Timex iControl Ironman T5K047
Garmin Edge 205 Cycle Computer
Price: £159.99 Save: £10.00!
Garmin Edge 205 Cycle Computer
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Timex Bodylink We stock the complete Timex Bodylink and Timex Ironman range plus the latest Polar Heart Rate and Speed and Distance Monitors and the stunning Luminox watches. Browse our range of sports watches here
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