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Navman Sport Tool FAQs
How Does it Work?
The Speed and Distance System is comprised of a portable GPS transceiver, worn on the upper arm, or snapped into a waist holder, that receives signals from up to 12 satellites, converts the signals to GPS data, and then transmits the data via proprietary digital FM signals to the Navman Sport Tool

The Speed and Distance user is therefore able to monitor key performance information..."hands-free"... with this system, including velocity and distance traveled. The system transmits performance information to the watch via a wireless radio-frequency link. This revolutionary Sport Tool system is designed to measure: current, average and maximum speeds and workout distances. It features automatic time setting, a continuous odometer, and target speed and distance alarms. It delivers miles or kilometers per hour, miles or kilometers traveled...all with pinpoint accuracy. And it can measure max speed...up to 450mph.

How Can I Use It?
The target market is broad based, encompassing hands-free user applications in a wide range of sports: running and walking, biking and hiking or trekking, skating and skiing, paddling and rowing, boating and sailing, and much more. Its applications range from the competitive to the recreational aspects of both sporting and hobbying.

Measure Your Performance On Your Wrist!
How Fast? The Navman Sport Tool lets you measure your speed in real time. Whether you're running a marathon or walking around the park. View your current speed, average speed, maximum speed. With maximum accuracy. With minimum effort. Then go.

How Far? Measure the distance of your workout in real time, with the first timepiece on the planet that uses satellite technology to continuously monitor distance. Real, down-to-earth, useful technology, with an accuracy better than 99% under a clear sky. Add a continuous odometer to track overall miles you travel.

How Steady? Current Pace. Average pace. Best pace. Whether world-class or just your personal best, the Navman Sport tools use GPS technology to measure your pace in real time. Track your split times and your total pace for your entire run. Or ride. Or walk. Or sail. No matter your goal, this simple-to-use technology delivers a practical, comparative analysis of your performance, each time out.

How Many? From walking and running to skiing and snow boarding. From biking and trail running to sailing and paddling. Ice and in-line. Backpacking on horseback. Any sport. Every sport. The Navman Sport Tools are one true multi-sport system.

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