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by Alasdair McLean-Foreman Fitness Articles

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Timex Bodylink Trail Runner Review
In 2004 it was the smaller and lighter GPS unit. Last season it was the new Optimum Viewing Angle (O.V.A.) watches. It’s always exciting to find out what Timex’s big new product release will be each season. Each of Timex’s last two big releases has accomplished its goal in making exercising easier. The smaller GPS unit was so delightfully lightweight that it enabled Bodylink System users to forget that they were even wearing it on their arm. The O.V.A. watches let runners see the time without having to distort their arm movement at all. This helped runners track their workouts without compromising their speed as they glanced at their watches.

Timex’s newest release is sure to be just as embraced as were its last two big inventions. The new Timex Bodylink Trail Runner takes the design and capabilities of the popular Bodylink Heart Rate and Speed and Distance System and adds functions that make it ideal for outdoor adventures.

Specifically, the Bodylink Trail Runner includes Navigational Features that its precedent lacks. Aside from giving latitudinal and longitudinal readings, the new Timex Bodylink measures and displays Altitude and Elevation data, including ascent and descent rates. This extends the use of the Timex Bodylink beyond simply working out to include hiking and adventuring as well. With the new Timex Bodylink Trail Runner, you have the information at your wrist to help you “track back”, or navigate back to your selected waypoint.

Those who would like to record the data gathered by their Bodylink Trail Runner will require the new Data Recorder 2 (T5G751). It is identical to the previous Data Recorder in its small size, its ability to record multiple workouts, and its capability to collect Heart Rate and Speed and Distance data. In addition, however, the newest version of the Data Recorder 2 records and displays navigational data, including altitude, elevation, latitude, longitude, ascent and descent data.

When I first heard that Timex, famous for its GPS systems, had released a “Trail Runner” watch with Speed and Distance capabilities, I was quite confused. GPS is known to be completely accurate unless used in areas of overhead coverage. Thus, a GPS system is not ideal for use in heavily forested areas. A New Englander, when I hear the word “trail”, I think of forests. It’s important to clarify that Timex does not intend for the Trail Runner to be used in forests. Rather, the “Trail Runner” is intended for use on trails that have little or no tree coverage. To avoid confusion, Timex should have considered a more accurate name for its new Bodylink – I would suggest the “Timex Bodylink Mountain Runner”, or something of that sort that suggests use in a hilly area of low density.

Having made great strides in the Heart Rate, Speed and Distance and athletic watches in the last few years, Timex is certainly a leader in its market. I can’t imagine what they’ll come up with next, but I’m sure that in keeping with Timex’s trends of recently, it will add more precision to outdoor exercising.

How does the Timex Trail Runner compare to other GPS systems on the market?

  • Size and Appearance- unlike other GPS systems, the Timex Bodylink series is extremely compact with a small GPS unit and highly durable Timex Ironman Performance monitor: ideal for running, cycling, walking and more!
  • Features - functions such as displaying Heart Rate in % format, 3D GPS tracking, or predictive finish time are found on few other monitoring systems (see above for full features)
  • Value for money - the Timex Trail Runner simply offers great priced leading-edge technology that will help you reach your fitness and training goals faster
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