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Timex Bodylink FAQs
Q: Are my current HRM or Speed + Distance units compatible with the new Bodylink system?
A: All Timex digital heart rate monitors and Timex Speed + Distance sensors are compatible with the Bodylink system. Timex personal HRM's which utilize analog transmission are not compatible with the Bodylink system.

Q: Can each Bodylink component be purchased separately?
A: Yes, it's currently possible to purchase the Navman GPS Unit and Heart Rate strap seperately

Q: I am already monitoring data from one Timex sensor and I want to also view data from a second one that I just turned on. What do I do?
A: With the unit in Time of Day, Chrono, or Timer modes, press and hold the DISPLAY button for about two seconds. The watch will beep and the antenna icon will flash, indicating that the watch is searching for a second Timex sensor. Within a few seconds, the antenna icon should stop flashing and the new data should appear on the watch face. You may have to press and release DISPLAY a few times to see the new data in Time of Day or Timer modes.

Q: I have both Timex sensors in sync with the watch. How do I view both heart rate and speed and distance data on the watch at the same time?
A: You can only view both heart rate and speed and distance data while in the watch is in Chrono mode. While in Chrono mode use the DISPLAY button to select the specific data you want to view. You can also change the line on which the data is displayed by pressing the SET/FORMAT button.

Q: My GPS Sensor sometimes shuts off during a workout for no apparent reason. What is going on?
A: The GPS sensor may have a loose battery contact. You can try to secure the center battery with tape or by wedging a piece of folded paper between the batteries to increase pressure between the battery and contact springs. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.

Q: My watch display has gone blank, but the Indiglo works and the watch still beeps. What's wrong?
A: The watch may have sustained a zap from static electricity. Reset the watch by simultaneously pressing and holding for about 3 seconds the MODE, START/SPLIT, and INDIGLO buttons. If that does not reset the watch and restore the display, remove and reinsert (or replace) the battery. Make sure that the + side of the battery is facing up, and that the cover over the battery is reinstalled correctly. Also, make sure that the clamp holding the battery is properly secured. Finally, confirm that the case back is re-seated in the correct orientation.

Q: The average speed displayed in the watch's Summary Mode appears inaccurate. If I calculate my average speed based on the displayed Event time and Distance, my computed value does not correspond to the average speed given. Why is this?
A: The displayed average speed in Summary mode can be inaccurate for several reasons:

* Small errors can be attributed to unit conversions (from mph to km/hr) and internal computation errors (rounding and truncation).
* Large errors can exist because the watch does not use the displayed EVENT TIME and EVENT DISTANCE values when calculating the average speed. If you are experiencing significant communication problems between the GPS Sensor and the watch, these values can be off quite a bit compared to the displayed EVENT TIME and EVENT DISTANCE. Since the time and distance values used to calculate the average speed are internal (i.e., not displayed), there is no way of verifying the calculation.

If you suspect the average speed value displayed on the watch to be incorrect, do the following:

1. Wear the GPS sensor on the same side of your body as the watch, as close to the watch as possible. You may need to experiment to find the best placement of the two devices.
2. Check the batteries in the GPS sensor and replace the batteries, if necessary.
3. If the EVENT DISTANCE value appears correct, ignore the displayed AVERAGE SPEED value in Summary mode and use the EVENT TIME and DISTANCE values to calculate an accurate average speed.

Q: If I calculate the Best Pace using the Max. Speed given in the watch's Summary mode, the Best Pace number displayed does not seem correct. Why is this?
A: These values are actually independent of each other, although they might appear to be two views of the same data. The Max Speed is given as the highest instantaneous velocity value sent by the GPS sensor, whereas the Best Pace value is the fastest calculated pace value. Pace is calculated in the watch by averaging distance over time over a sliding 25-second window and does not have a direct relation to the reported velocity. In cases where the MAX SPEED appears to be incorrect, the BEST PACE will tend to be much closer to the correct value since it is not influenced by the same GPS errors that can cause problems with the MAX SPEED.

Q: When using the Auto-Split "by distance" feature, sometimes the distances for the splits are a little less than my setting (e.g., "0.244 km" when the setting is "0.25 km"). Why does this happen?
A: This is due to the way the watch uses current speed and distance to predict the actual split point in your run. Occasionally the watch will over-estimate, creating a slightly longer split distance first, followed by a slightly short split. This shorter split distance allows the watch to compensate for the previous overestimation and to prevent overestimations from accumulating over the course of your activity.
In the example above, the previous split should have displayed a distance value slightly longer than the Auto-Split setting of 0.25 km. This is handled this way because the GPS Speed+Distance sensor transmits information to the watch every 3.5 seconds.

Q: Why won't my Hands-Free or Distance Alert features work when using just a Heart Rate Sensor?
A: These features rely on information provided by the Timex Speed + Distance GPS Sensor.

Q: Why don't I see any information for Overall Time or Distance when using just a Heart Rate Sensor?
A: The Overall Time and Overall Distance data are based only on data received from the Timex Speed + Distance GPS Sensor.

Q: Occasionally I see "NO DATA FROM HRM" or "NO DATA FROM GPS". What do these messages mean?
A: These messages appear on the display when the watch is temporarily not receiving signals from the designated sensor. Sometimes these messages display when you might expect them, such as a few seconds after you've shut your GPS Sensor off.
Severe radio interference or too much distance between the watch and the sensor can cause these messages to appear unexpectedly during your workout. The watch will usually correct the problem. However, if these messages are becoming a problem, here are a few things to try:

* Keep the watch on the same arm as the GPS Sensor.
* Check the batteries in the sensors. Low battery voltage will reduce the radio transmission power.
* Reposition the sensor(s) closer to the watch, if possible. Timex recommends keeping the watch on your wrist and the GPS unit on the same side of your body on the upper arm for best results.
* Move away from potential sources of interference.

Q: When using the Heart Rate Monitor function, why do I sometimes see a flashing question mark or dash marks next to the heart rate display?
A: These are indications that the Heart Rate Sensor is having difficulty calculating your heart rate. This may be due to:

* Poor or loose fit of the HRM sensor on your chest
* The HRM sensor being worn upside-down on your chest (make sure the logo is face-up)
* The conductive material on the underside of the sensor is not sufficiently moistened

Q: How can I reduce the SEARCHING time?
A: The Speed + Distance GPS Sensor will lock to the GPS satellites more quickly if you remain still and stay in an open area while the sensor searches. Avoid leaving the Sensor on for long periods of time while indoors.

Q: How often is the GPS data calculated and updated?
A: The Speed + Distance GPS Sensor calculates your velocity and distance traveled once per second, and transmits this information to the watch every 3.5 seconds.

Q: How accurate is the GPS system?
A: The Timex Speed + Distance System provides accurate GPS performance of over 99% in environments with a clear view of the sky. Another way to gauge the GPS performance is to consider it accurate to approximately 5 meters (16 feet). On the average, overall accuracy is 95%.

Q: Is there a fee for the GPS satellite service?
A: No, there is no fee for satellite service associated with the Timex Speed + Distance system.

Q: Does the Timex Speed + Distance GPS system work outside the U.S.? Where will it work best?
A: Yes, the Speed + Distance system should work anywhere in the world. The GPS system is designed to receive information from satellites in orbit. At any one time, 12 satellites are on the same side of the earth as you. The more satellites the GPS Sensor can access, the greater its accuracy.

The GPS Sensor needs to "see" the sky to receive data from the satellites. To operate accurately, it needs to see three satellites. Therefore, the unit is designed to operate best where there is a clear view of the sky. Sometimes, among tall buildings, or in a heavily wooded forest, the signal from the satellites will be blocked. Try synching the unit where you can see open sky in four directions. Once the unit has located and synchronized with satellites, it will perform better.

NOTE: We have specifically designed this product to help it work in city, forest, and other environments where the view of the sky is not perfectly clear. However, there will be times where a thick tree canopy, or tall skyscrapers, or a particularly dark and stormy sky will be thick enough to impede or reduce performance.

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