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by Karl Connor Fitness Articles

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Boost your Aerobic Exercise with a Heart Rate Monitor
Boost your Aerobic Exercise with a Heart Rate Monitor Exercising aerobically is one of the best ways of ensuring a healthy heart and a good level of fitness and using a heart rate monitor is a great way to see the effects that your exercise is having on your heart. A heart rate monitor takes the guess work out of exercising.

When exercising, it is always beneficial to operate at an intensity which is close to your optimal level aerobically because this will ensure that your exercise has the desired effect in terms of improving the healthiness of your heart. A heart rate monitor will really allow you to keep track of your exercising activities and make sure that you can work out your cardio capacity and work exercise regimes around this. When it comes to working out a fitness regime to improve your overall level of fitness, it is important to set incremental goals or targets in terms of your exercise and the use of a heart rate monitor will help you to gauge the required intensity of exercise accurately. There are many different forms of heart rate monitors on the market and making the decision of which is right for you is something which is best done after discussing your requirements with health and fitness experts.

Heart Rate Monitor – Getting the feedback you require

Without data, exercising can be considerably less effective because you are essentially flying blind by not knowing which areas need an increase in intensity or workload. A heart rate monitor can help overcome this issue by providing the sort of feedback that can be digested and then applied to your actual fitness regime to improve the efficiency of it and help ensure a healthier heart and an increased level of fitness and well-being. Judging a fitness workout is based on factors such as age, weight, height and heart rate and using a heart rate monitor will be one of the key determinants in establishing the ideal level of intensity for your aerobic exercise regime.

Heart Rate Monitor – Boost exercise efficiency

Good exercise is all about be efficient in your endeavours and working at varying intensities to help facilitate increase levels of fitness over a period of time. There are various pieces of apparatus that can be deployed to help measure the effect of exercise on the body but few offer data as beneficial and tangible as that offered by a heart rate monitor. With this in mind, more and more fitness fans are working the use of a heart rate monitor into the day to day exercise routines.

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Fitsense is dedicated to helping you achieve your exercise goals. We offer all the premier heart rate monitor brands including Polar, Garmin, Timex, Cardiosport and Oregon Scientific. We've chosen a range of quality and affordable heart rate monitors that are easy to use and will help you get the most from your training and fitness regimes. Have any questions? We can help, use our online query form or call us on 0151 324 2201.
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Polar RS300X G1 Heart Rate Monitor with GPS Speed & Distance - Orange
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