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by Karl Connor Fitness Articles

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Explaining how a Heart Rate Monitor Works

A heart rate monitor may look like a fairly simple form of apparatus but it performs an extremely important role when it comes to facilitating a healthy lifestyle. By looking at how a heart rate monitor works, you can understand the benefits it can have for you.

Of course, the primary role of a heart rate monitor is to measure and display the wearer\\\'s heart rate at any given time. This is very useful when it comes to determining the correct intensity of a fitness work-out and people wear heart rate monitors for all sorts of exercise from jogging to mountain climbing. For example, if someone has a low heart rate, it usually indicates a heart at rest and using a heart rate monitor to measure your resting heart rate will permit you to work out the sorts of heart rates you should be reaching during your physical fitness endeavours. The way in which a heart rate monitor works is fairly straightforward and most people opt for the watch-strap and chest band variety of heart rate monitor from a leading brand such as Polar or Timex and most are pleased with the control over their exercise a heart rate monitor allows them to achieve.

Heart Rate Monitor – Keeping your Heart Rate in Check

As the saying goes, \\\'healthy body, healthy mind\\\' and the heart is, of course, central to having a healthy body, so, it is easy to see why many people make use of a heart rate monitor in their day to day exercise routines because it really paints a picture of the effect that their efforts are having on their heart rate. The majority of heart rate monitors will need to make contact with the skin in order to provide an accurate reading and will usually be worn around the chest with an additional watch-strap providing the readings. As such, a heart rate monitor is a key tool in exercising to maximum efficiency and undertaking the sort of work out that will be of long term benefit to your heart.

Finding the Right Heart Rate Monitor for you

It is possible to find a heart rate monitor to suit every budget but the more expensive varieties will invariably have stand out features which warrants the extra cost. Of course, deciding which brand and type of heart rate monitor is right for you is dependent on factors such as frequency of use and the intensity of exercise you are likely to engage but the best way of establishing which heart rate monitor to opt for is to speak to experts in the field.

Fitsense stock high end heart rate monitors at competitive online prices

Fitsense is committed to helping you achieve your exercise objectives. We stock all the premier heart rate monitor brands including Polar, Garmin, Timex, Cardiosport and Oregon Scientific. We\\\'ve selected a range of quality and affordable heart rate monitors that are easy to use and will help you get the most from your training. Have a question? We can help, click here to use our online query form or call us on 0151 324 2201.
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Polar RS800CX Pro Team Edition Heart Rate Monitor and Cycle Computer (PTE)
Polar RS800CX Pro Team Edition Heart Rate Monitor and Cycle Computer (PTE)
Price: £379.99
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Timex T5K214 Ironman Triathlon Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar RS300X Running Computer & Heart Rate Monitor - Orange
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Timex T5K212 Ironman Triathlon Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor
Timex T5K212 Ironman Triathlon Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor
Price: £84.99
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