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by Alasdair McLean-Foreman Fitness Articles

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Polar S625X FAQs
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Polar introduces the ultimate running tool. Combining Speed+Distance Monitoring with Polar Precision Heart Rate Monitoring.

Q: Why didn't Polar use GPS technology for SD for the S625X Running Computer?

• We considered both GPS and inertial technologies carefully before choosing to go with inertial

• GPS has some positive elements but we chose the best overall technology for running anywhere and in any conditions

• We recognized that existing GPS was too heavy and consumed too much power for an application that was meant for runners who are demanding and relatively heavy users and train frequently. Existing GPS applications are simply not as practical for someone who is running frequently because of the need to constantly recharge/replace batteries and because of the discomfort of hauling abound a large GPS unit on the upper body.

• When used in a real life running scenario- GPS is no more accurate that inertial sensor technology

• With inertial technology we saw that we could provide the best solution for runners who want accurate and reliable speed and distance measurement that performs in all conditions (indoors and outside), in urban city settings with tall buildings, even in very heavily wooded trails and twisting turning trails and tight turning paths.

Q: GPS technology is considered advanced by many. What about the Polar inertial sensor technology that Polar uses?

• The inertial technology that Polar uses is very advanced, inertial technology is used in aerospace positioning and guidance systems, industrial robotics and in advanced automotive applications such as active suspensions and emergency airbag deployment to name a few

• The inertial sensors measure the acceleration of the S1 foot pod more than 1000 times per second and use this data with advanced algorithms to calculate foot angles and gait velocity

• The Polar S1 running speed and distance sensor is NOT A PEDOMETER. Instead, it is very advanced running speed sensor.

Q: GPS provides speed and distance while running, cycling and even during X-C skiing. What about the Polar S625X?

• The Polar S625X was designed primarily for runners and triathletes. So we have ensured that the running functions are optimized for running and cycling. The S625X is fully compatible with all Polar cycling sensors. Combining cycling speed and cadence and power options provides many more dimensions to the cycling cross-sports experience than that offered by GPS speed and distance unit.

Q: Some GPS units provide directional features to help navigation. Why has Polar opted to leave this out in the S625X?

• The S625X was designed with the knowledge that 80% of runners generally run the same 3-5 routes. The speed and distance element of the S625X will support people who want to track speed and distance on these routes and also lets them find more new routes with no need for external mile markers. Navigation features are best suited for outdoor and adventure products, while the S625X is focused on providing runners the most relevant features for building performance and enhancing their every running experience.

Q: Is the S1 footpod heavy?

• You can't feel it when once its attached to your shoe. In fact, you will struggle to figure out (by feel) which shoe has the footpod on it once you put it on. The Polar S1 footpod is built to last with robust water resistance, shock resistance and easy battery change while still not reducing shoe comfort or running performance.

Q: How accurate is the S625X?

• Generally the S625X is at minimum 97% accurate even without calibration. The accuracy increases to 99% with calibration. In relative terms, this accuracy is as good or better than the accuracy provided by GPS. Interestingly, this degree of accuracy is generally far better than what is seen on running treadmills. Have you ever heard of a runner complain that a treadmill was not accurate enough for their training purposes?

Q: Do I need to re-calibrate my footpod every time my foot pod or wrist unit battery is changed?

• If you choose to calibrate your Polar S1 foot pod, the calibration factor will be stored in the permanent memory of the S625X Running Computer. This calibration will be stored permanently, unless you decide to change it....so if you calibrate, you only need to do it once.

Q: Will the Polar S1 foot pod leak water?

• Robust water-resistance and durability are key elements in the design of the Polar S1 foot-pod. It will survive immersion, wet running environments and continue to perform reliably. However, the S1 was not designed for swimming or aqua-running so please do not going swimming with it.

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