Timex Data Recorder 2 T5G751

Price: £49.99

Timex Bodylink Data Recorder Features:

Constantly tracking your heart rate, speed, pace, distance & altitude, the new 3D Timex Data Recorder 2 will help you achieve your training goals. After your workout, connect the Timex Data Recorder to the supplied USB cable and upload your data to the Timex Trainer Software (also supplied). Coupled with the Timex Bodylink Trail Runner Watch, or the Timex Bodylink Plus, the new Timex Data Recorder 2 comes with some great new features:
  • Upload your Heart Rate and Speed and Distance information to your PC.
  • Timex Trainer Software automatically uploads and logs workout data, generates graphs, and calculates summaries
  • Ergonomic design clips or slips into your pocket.
  • Records multiple workouts
  • Timex Trainer software and USB cable included
  • Requires the use of Timex GPS 3D Sensor to capture navigational data
  • Navigational data includes altitude, elevation, latitude, longitude, ascent and descent data
  • Collects heart rate, speed + distance data from the Timex Digital Heart Rate Sensor and Timex GPS 3D Sensor
  • 2 year battery life
  • Splash-resistant case
  • Product Code: Timex Data Recorder T5G751
Click the images below for screenshots of the Timex Bodylink Data Recorder Software
Timex Bodylink Data Recorder
Timex Bodylink Data Recorder
Timex Bodylink Data Recorder
Timex Bodylink Data Recorder
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