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Timex T5F011 Bodylink "Plus" GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Timex T5F011 Bodylink "Plus" is the latest addition to the extremely popular Bodylink range and adds to the many features already offered by it's predecessor the T5E671. The Bodylink Plus is a top of the range heart rate monitor which offers you speed and distance information 'real-time' allowing you to to be fully in control of your training at all times. The Timex Bodylink Plus offers a multitude of amazing features including GPS measured altitude, predictive finishing time, 'hands free' split laps and much much more.

Out of the Timex Bodylink / Ironman - heart rate monitors range,  the Timex IronMan 5F011 most suits athletes - fitness enthusiasts. Runners, cyclists, fell runners, joggers, rowers, triathletes etc, who will all benefit from the inclusion of 8x (eight) heart rate training zones and 4 x interlinked countdown timers (for intervals), with additional warm up and cool down timers. Optionally, if used with the 3D GPS unit, the Timex 5F011 can provide both vertical and horizontal performance data including altitude.

    Timex Bodylink T5F011 - Watch Features:

  • 3-Line Display with customizable format simultaneously shows:
    • Speed, Heart Rate, Lap
    • Pace, Heart Rate, Distance
    • Heart Rate, Ascent Rate Distance
  • INDIGLO? night-light with NIGHT-MODE? feature
  • SUMMARY MODE: review altitude, speed, distance and heart rate performance data at end of workout
  • 100-hour chronograph with either lap/split in large digits
  • 100-lap memory with recall of BODYLINK? system data
  • 5 interval timer workouts with warm-up and cool-down
  • 100-hour, 3-mode countdown timer
  • 5 settable alarms for daily, weekday, weekend or weekly with 5-minute backup
  • Continuous odometer
  • English, metric or nautical units
  • Automatic time correction
  • Alerts for targeted heart rate zone, pace, speed and distance
  • 2 year battery life
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Water-resistant 50 meters
  • Timex Bodylink T5F011 -  Digital Heart Rate Sensor Features

  • Target Zones
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Time in zone; Amount of time spent within eight selected heart rate target zones.
  • Four Linked Interval Timers - Program up to four linked timers each interval with its own target zone.
  • Recovery Heart Rate Timer
  • %-Of-Max Heart Rate Display
  • Max Heart Rate Zone Calculation
  • Automatically sets your five training zones; three manual zone settings.
  • Digital FM transmission for clear signals around exercise equipment and power lines
  • Synchronized transmission prevents cross talk from other heart rate monitors
  • Smart transmission for long battery life
  • Provides continuous heart rate readings
  • Comfortable, adjustable elastic strap
  • Replaceable batteries with long 2 year battery life
  • On-the-chest monitor provides continuous heart rate readings during even the most intense activities
  • Sensor - Water resistant 30m
  • Note: Sensor will not provide accurate heart rates when underwater.

    Timex Bodylink T5F011 - GPS Sensor Features:

  • Tracks Altitude/Elevation Data; GPS-provided altitude with vertical speed (ascent and descent rates).
  • Weighs only 2.7 oz.
  • Works with highly accurate GPS satellite tracking system
  • Includes adjustable arm strap and belt clip
  • No calibration necessary
  • 99% distance accuracy in environments with a clear view of the sky (accuracy over 95%)
  • 1 AA Battery included
  • Splash-resistant sensor
  • Timex Bodylink T5F011 - Speed + Distance Sensor Features:

  • Altitude/Elevation Data; GPS-provided altitude with vertical speed (ascent and descent rates).
  • Finish Time; Predictive finish time mode uses total event distance and pace data.
  • Exact Speeds
  • Exact Pace
  • Exact Distance
  • Continuous Odometer
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Start, stop and take splits automatically based on distance or time.
  • Measures real-time, average and maximum speed
  • Calculates pace, average pace and best pace
  • Tracks workout distance and gives target distance alerts
  • Keeps track of total distance for a workout or group of workouts
  • Start, stop and take splits automatically based on distance, speed or time
  • Clear signals around exercise equipment and power lines
  • (Product claims: Distance accuracy is typically better than 95% in most environments, and better than 99% in environments which offer a clear view of the sky.)"
Timex Bodylink T5F011 - FINISH mode
Used to help pace yourself when competing / training. You set the distance to be ran and the Timex Trail Runner T5F011 will predict your finish time based on current speed and distance covered. (This function requires the use of the GPS sensor unit supplied)   
The following data is available when in FINISH mode (live):
  • Predicted Finish time based on your current speed and distance
  • Heart Rate (using chest strap)
  • Speed (mph or kmh)
  • Average Speed (since stopwatch was started)
  • Pace (min / mile or min / km)
  • Average Pace (since stopwatch was started)
  • Distance travelled since chronograph was started
Vertical Mode of Timex T5F011 Heart Rate Monitor. The Vertical mode is used to track elevation, rate of ascent and descentThe following data is available when in Vertical mode (live):
  • Heart Rate (using chest strap)
  • Ascent Rate - in metres or feet per second
  • Speed (mph or kmh)
  • Pace (min / mile or min / km)
  • Distance travelled since chronograph was started
  • Altitude current height above sea level
  • Elevation this is the difference between current altitude and the starting altitude
    Timex Bodylink T5F011 - Package Includes:

    • Timex T5F011 Bodylink Plus Wrist Unit
    • Timex T54051 Digital Heart Rate Transmitter Strap
    • Timex T5F891 3D GPS Receiver
    • Timex Canvas Watch Bag
    • Timex T5F941 Bike Mount
    • Performance Watch User Guide
    • Fitness Sensor User Guide

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