Sci-MX L Glutamine Powder - 500g JUMBO

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Glutamine has become more prominent as new studies reveal its unique contribution to protein synthesis, muscle growth, anti-catabolic (prevents muscle tissue breakdown) function and growth hormone elevating effects. Glutamine provides a critical link in muscle metabolism not shared by any other single amino acid. Sci-MX's Glutamine powder is pure, pharmaceutical grade Glutamine, an odorless and tasteless powder.

Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in the blood and in the intracellular free amino acid pool (most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue). It compromises 61% of the amino acid pool in skeletal muscle cell. In fact, Glutamine alone is responsible for 35% of the nitrogen that gets into the muscle cell. Glutamine literally drives muscle building nitrogen into the muscle cell where it is synthesized for growth. Glutamine concentrations fall remarkably after training and remain low until complete recovery. What this means is that during weight-training, nitrogen carrying glutamine is lost from muscle tissue, counteracting the fall in muscle protein synthesis, and improving nitrogen balance.

Who can use it?

  • People seeking improved athletic performance
  • Will support lean-muscle gain and the repair of muscle-tissue
  • Accelerates recovery after weights or endurance training
  • Increased natural growth-hormone production
  • People who need faster recovery times


  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis by providing nitrogen
  • Increases growth hormone which promotes muscle-gain
  • Decreases muscle catabolism during exercise
  • Increases endurance by replenishing glycogen (energy)
  • Decreases muscle recovery time
  • Decreases the chances of illness/infection by boosting the immune system
  • Prevents over-training from high intensity and long duration activities

More about Glutamine
You train with weights to build muscle. The more intensely you train, and the heavier the overload you subject your muscles to, the greater the growth response will be. Glutamine is a key factor in muscle growth, and to control the "skeletal muscle / whole body glutamate gradient". It is also critical in maintaining and building muscle tissue. The higher the muscle glutamate levels you can maintain, the less chance you have of falling into catabolism and the faster muscle will grow.

Growth hormone is an important anabolic hormone. It regulates the metabolic processes (including protein synthesis) in almost all tissue throughout the human life span. Growth hormone provokes several anabolic actions on skeletal muscle: the uptake of glucose and amino acids, activation of muscle protein synthesis, suppression of muscle protein catabolism, and the utilization of body fat for energy.

Nutritional Information
Supplement Facts - 40 servings per container (100g)
Serving Size: Tea-Spoon Amount per Serving

  • L-Glutamine 2500mg*%
Recommended Use
Take one serving 2-5 times daily with water. Take one serving prior to workout and another serving following your workout. For best results, take a last serving 10 minutes prior to bedtime.
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