PowerLung Trainer - PowerLung

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PowerLung Trainer
Product Summary
This model provides an intermediate respiratory strength training workout at a medium level of resistance. PowerLung Trainer offers users the benefits of the Sport model at a lower intensity of training.

Are you a weekend warrior, fitness enthusiast or amateur sports person? PowerLung Trainer can help you enjoy these activities more and with less breathlessness. You can stay in shape to play! Is your job physically demanding and you want to breathe easier while working? PowerLung Trainer can help you train your breathing muscles to work more efficiently so you can breathe easier. Do you sing in a choir or play in a band? Are you a public speaker or theater actor? The PowerLung Trainer can improve your breathing strength. You'll hold the high notes longer and they'll hear your lines in the back row!

PowerLung Trainer helps you regain respiratory strength and enables you to breathe easier when you exercise, train or work and to have better and stronger breath control when you sing, play or speak.Now your breathing muscles can meet your needs and desires with the same technology used by professionals.

Get your respiratory muscles in shape with PowerLung Trainer and make your workouts easier and your training more fun.
Studies show athletes using the PowerLung have been able to:

  • inhale and exhale over 25% more air per breath*
  • increase exhalation forces by over 15%*
  • perform 85% submax exercise with almost 2 fewer breaths per minute*
    *Source: Dupler & Amonette
The PowerLung? BreatheAir? includes
  • The PowerLung? Trainer ? model
  • CD-ROM with Video Training*
  • User Guide
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • PowerLung? Washe
PowerLung Trainer

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