Polar RS100 Polar Heart Rate Monitor for Runners - Black

Price: £58.99
RS100 Polar Heart Rate Monitor for Runners - Black
The Polar RS100 is perfect for those who run to stay in shape and improve fitness. The Polar RS100 will give you valuable feedback that can help improve your fitness. It combines all the heart rate features you need with the stopwatch you’re used to. Track your average heart rate and time for each lap, so you can integrate heart rate easily into your fitness running and tirathlon program.

Polar exercise features
Wireless ECG accurate heart rate.
Polar OwnZone®.
Polar OwnCal®.
Polar OwnCode®.
Polar OwnOptimizer™.
Target zones with visual alarm.
Target zones with audible alarm.
Maximum heart rate of total exercise.
Average heart rate of total exercise.
Average heart rate of each lap.
Maximum heart rate of each lap.
Number of laps 99.
Exercise Date.
Alternating / repeating countdown timers.

Computer connectivity
Transfer logs from Polar web site to wrist unit (UpLink).
Edit wrist unit settings with Polar UpLink Tool and transfer them to your Polar product (UpLink).

Recording features
Number of exercise files (with summaries) 1.
Exercise file info page with date and time.
Exercise Time (total).
Time in target zone.
Target zone limits.
Average heart rate of total exercise.
Calorie expenditure (Exercise/Total/Fat%) Exe.Tot.Fat%.

Basic features
Heart rate (displayed as bpm) Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate).
Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm).
Visual and audible alarm in target zones.
Water resistant 50m.
HeartTouch™, button-free operation of wrist unit.
Easy start (setting wizard).
Over-sized display.
User configurable displays top line.

Watch features
Time of day (12/24h) with alarm.
Dual time zone.
Date and weekday indicator.
Low battery indicator.
Alarm with snooze.

Transmitter belt
Polar 31 coded transmitter.

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