Polar Equine T56H W.I.N.D. Heart Rate Transmitter

Price: £78.30

The Polar Equine T56H transmitter is the new generation of heart rate transmitters for horses.

This evolution of the WearLink Equine transmitter launched in 2007 has been fully developed in textile and does not cause any discomfort to the horse. It features textile electrodes made from conductive elastic fibres which adapt perfectly to the movements of a galloping horse.

These electrodes include an absorbent cushion to ensure permanent contact with the skin and assure the necessary dampness for relaying the heart rate signal. The electronic part of the transmitter can be detached to change the battery and replace the electrode strap.

Putting the transmitter into place is extremely simple: the + electrode is first placed under the saddlecloth, the – electrode is then fixed to the saddle girth and finally the transmitter is fixed to the saddle.

The Polar Equine T56H transmitter is only compatible with W.I.N.D. technology receivers, such as Polar RS800, RS800CX and CS600. For compatibility with non-W.I.N.D. receivers, see Polar Equine T54H transmitter.

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