Polar Equine Healthcheck Heart Rate Monitor

Price: £62.00
Why measuring resting and recovery heart rate? 

With the Polar Equine Healthcheck you are able to get more information about the physical condition of your horse. Abnormal readings of your horse's resting or recovery heart rate can alert you to immediate or impending problems such as injury, illness or fatigue. Comparing these readings with values you consider normal, gives you a way to communicate with your horse and to make decisions before any abnormal condition worsens.

How to measure?

Checking your horse’s resting and recovery heart rate has never been so easy.
Place the Polar Transmitter against the horse’s coat in the prescribed position.
Within seconds you will see the horse’s heart rate on the Polar Receiver.

The Polar Equine Healthcheck includes:

  • Polar Equine FS1 Receiver
  • Polar Equine T31 Transmitter & Handlebar

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