Polar Equine Inzone Heart Rate Monitor

Price: £99.00
Nightlight and coded transmission as advanced features

With Polar Equine Inzone you are able to gain knowledge of how hard your horse is working during an exercise or a ride. This knowledge is important especially when your horse is  recovering from an injury or illness. You are able to control the horse's work intensity in order to prevent overstraining it. Furthermore you can detect improvements in your horse's fitness by its exercise and recovery heart rate. With an improved fitness your horse will show a lower heart rate at a given speed, while its recovery heart rate will decline faster.

Compared with the Polar Equine Easy, the Equine Inzone model is additionally equipped with nightlight for early morning starts and a coded transmission, preventing cross-talk from other heart rate monitors in group situations.

The Polar Equine Inzone includes :

  • Polar Equine FS2c Coded Receiver
  • Polar Equine T52H Coded Transmitter 

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