NU Dolphin Touch 4GB Mp3 Waterproof Player with FM Radio

Price: £89.99
NU Dolphin Touch 4GB (with FM Radio)
100% Waterproof MP3 player:
1st CURVED TOUCHSCREEN PANEL (patented design)

The new NU Dolphin Touch is a MP3 player tailored for music enthusiast that enjoy swimming, water sports, outdoor activities in all weather conditions and 100% durable against sweat. The NU Dolphin Touch has a touch screen control panel so you can see what your listening with the ability to set to shuffle, repeat music or tune in to the FM radio feature to listen to your favourite radio stations. The Dolphin Touch also supports a massive capacity of 4GB and so this amphibious player can be used in and out of water to adjust the sound quality through the sound Equaliser to reach your quality preference.

The design concept is to create a portable music device that can be worn by swimmers, water sport and outdoor athletes while keeping the impact on their athletic performance to minimum. The NU design team have taken in the information provided by customers from their previous model to come up with this ultra light weight, ultra compact player that weighs only 25g with a dimension of 61 x 20 x 20mm that offers a screen with 1st CURVED TOUCHSCREEN PANEL (patented design) to allow users to see what they are playing and manage their MP3 player in full. Its cylindrical-shaped casing features a minimalist outlook with all control buttons on  create playlists, radio function and shuffle music to add a huge variety options to their activities. The earphone attaches to the player via a special screw-in jack to keep the device water-tight.

Both the earphone and the player were tested to comply with IPx7 international water resistant standard. The earphone employs a special non-woven fabric membrane to keep the speaker vibration plate dry while maintaining a high quality sound output. The earpieces are attached with a soft silicon earplug that fits snugly in the ears. The earplugs not only keep the earphones dry but also prevent the earphones from coming loose during vigorous activities.

Operating time for the NU Dolphin is roughly 8 hours when fully charged, and recharging time is about 1.5 hours. Recharging (and file downloading) can be done via USB port.

Initial release of the NU Dolphin is designed to be worn on swimmer goggles and still offered with the attachable orange straps with the New NU Dolphin Touch but we also offer a Clip to connect clothes when in casual and also a armband for use in the Gym, Jet Skiing, Surfing and other activities.

NU Dolphin Touch MP3 Player Features and Benefits:

1.Waterproof MP3 player & earphone designed for swimming, spa, and water sports
2.High durability aluminum casing with anti-scratch finish

3.Touch Screen Display
4.USB rechargeable battery

(UNDERWATER) FM Radio Function
6.USB Plug & Play
7.Stylish design with fluorescent holder to strap onto swimmer goggles

8.As standard comes with a Neoprene Armband for Sports

9.Also offers a Clip to be worn for casual use

NU Dolphin Touch MP3 Player Leading Edge Technology:

1.Compliant with international IPx7 water resistance standard

2.1st CURVED TOUCHSCREEN PANEL (patented design)

3.Memory size: 4GB/8GB
4.Audio format: MP3, WMA

5.FM Radio Function (87.5-108 Mhz)
6.Compliant with Full Speed USB 2.0 specification
7.Compatible with Win2000/WinME/WinXP and Mac OS 8.6+ and Linux 2.4.0
8.Non-volatile solid-state storage - data retention for at least 10 years
9.Battery: 1.5 hours charging time, 8 hours continuous operating time when fully charged.

NU Dolphin Touch MP3 Player System Requirements:

Mass storage compliant (No driver needed for Win2000/WinME/WinXP and Mac OS 8.6 or above and Linux 2.4.0)

NU Dolphin Touch MP3 Player Dimensions:

61mm x 20mm x 20mm(cm)

NU Dolphin Touch MP3 Player Weight:


In the Box (Premium Pack): Completed with all accessories that you would need for all purposes of an MP3 player anywhere and any weather condition.

4/8GB NU Dolphin Touch Player

Waterproof Headphones

Out of water high end headphones

USB Lead

Quick Instruction Guide

Orange Tags for connection to Goggles

Neoprene Armband

Clip (casual wear)

Cleaning Cloth


User Manual Disc

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