Timex Navman 3D GPS Sensor T5F891

Price: £69.99
UPGRADE to the NEWEST Timex 5F891 Navman 3D GPS Sensor processes Altitude, Longitude and Latitude information in addition to Speed and Distance. Works with all Timex Speed and Distance Watches and records 3D info on 5G751 Data Recorder 2, but only displays 3D information on 5C391 Trail Runner and 5G311 Bodylink Midsize Wristwatches.

Navman II Sensor Features:

  • Weighs only 2.7 oz
  • Works with highly accurate GPS satellite tracking system
  • Includes adjustable arm strap and belt clip
  • Measures real-time, average and maximum speed Calculates pace, average pace and best pace
  • Tracks workout distance and gives target distance alerts
  • Keeps track of total distance for a workout or group of workouts
  • Measures Altitude
  • Start, stop and take splits automatically based on distance, speed or time
  • Clear signals around exercise equipment and power lines
  • Continuous odometer
  • English, metric or nautical units
  • Automatic time correction
  • No calibration necessary
  • 99% distance accuracy in environments with a clear view of the sky (better than 95% distance accuracy in most other environments)
  • Takes 1 AA Battery (included)
  • 13 Hour estimated battery life
  • Sensor ? Splash-resistant

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