Byoshower Anti-Microbial Travel Body Wash - 50ml

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Byoshower Anti-Microbial Travel Body Wash - 50ml

Ideal for all types of Travel, Outdoor Activities and Sports.

Byoshower is a unique new Anti-Microbial Travel Body Wash ideal for use on the go, anywhere, without the need to add water.  Byoshower cleans, helps prevent odours and provides long lasting protection against germs and bacteria for more than eight hours.

Byoshower Travel Body Wash is powered by Byotrol™ “The world’s most revolutionary hygiene technology” and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities, from festivals, backpacking, camping and hiking to trail running, trekking, cycling and mountain biking.  You could even use it if you commute to work on your bike and there is no shower or you're on a long-haul flight and need to freshen up before going to that important meeting.

What is Byoshower?

Byoshower is a unique new Anti-Microbial Travel Body Wash ideal for use on the go, anywhere, without the need to add water.  As well as water, a mild fragrance and some essential oils, Byoshower contains Byotrol™ “the world’s most revolutionary hygiene technology”.  Technically speaking, Byotrol™ is a patented technology that involves a non-chemical combination (sequestration) of a selection of chosen biocides to an inert polymer.Byotrol™ has a Broad-based efficacy across all microbial classes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, micro-bacteria and algae including so called “Superbugs” including Swine Flu and MRSA.

This combination creates a thermally and chemically stable species that exists as a nano-colloid in aqueous solutions.  Byotrol™ is not a new, unknown chemical, but a combination of existing and well-known ingredients combined together in a new way.  This means it is based on materials that are tried, trusted and regulatory approved.

The polymer is typically hydrophobic in nature and preferentially adheres the Byotrol™ molecule to hard surfaces and organic materials.  This adherent/hydrophobic quality also makes the biocides water resistant.  This means they safely remain in place a lot longer than previously thought possible, creating a long-lasting, incredibly hostile environment for microbes that can last for 7 days on hard surfaces and up to 8 hours or more on the skin.

How do you use Byoshower?

Byoshower is a liquid but is dispensed as a foam by a rather clever bottle.  You simply press the pump at the top of the bottle to dispense foam into your hand.  Then rub or massage the foam into the area requiring cleansing and dry with a towel.


How long will it last?

Dependent upon your size and how much you use you may use the following as a guide: 

50ml Bottle:  3-4 full body washes and 10-12 key area washes

200ml Bottle: 12-15 Full Body Washes and 35-40 plus key area washes


What form does the product come in?

Byoshower is available in an airline friendly 50ml Foamer Bottle and a 200ml Foamer Bottle. A 500ml refill bottle size is also available to encourage reuse of the foamer bottles.  We will also be introducing travel packs with a 50ml or 200ml bottle and a soft-fibre towel packaged in a small strong bag ideal for packing in your hand luggage, backpack or suitcase.  Visit for more information.

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