Tanita BC1000 Body Composition Monitor

Price: £229.99

Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor

Fitsense Sports are pleased to offer customers the opportunity to be amongst the first to purchase the Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor, the latest addition to Tanita’s market-leading range of electronic scales.

Back when they launched the FR60, Garmin promised all manner of compatible equipment that would use the ANT+ wireless connection standard.  Tanita are one of the first to announce such an ANT+ equipped device, in the shape of the BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor, that can send multiple stats about your physique to both the FR60 and your PC.

The BC-1000 will be available soon in Britain and you are invited to pre-order this cutting-edge body composition monitor from Fitsense Sports. 

Tanita has partnered with Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigations, to revolutionise the body composition monitor market by launching the innovative Tanita BC-1000.

The BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor offers users the ability to wirelessly link readings to their Garmin FR60 or Forerunner 310XT fitness watch using advanced ANT+ technology, while data can also be transmitted to remote displays, such as a personal computer or Tanita’s Remote Viewer.

In addition to weight, body fat percentage and hydration levels, the BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor provides measurements on muscle mass, overall physique rating, daily caloric intake, metabolic age rating, bone mass and visceral fat.

Like other body composition monitors, the Tanita BC-1000 simply demands that you stand on it, bare-footed, and allow it to measure your weight, body fat and body water.  These readers are then sent to the FR60 watch to be displayed (rather than shown in big, embarrassing numbers on the BC-1000 itself) and if your PC – with the wireless ANT+ USB stick fitted – is within range it will get the stats too.

The BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor, which includes Tanita’s new HealthyEdge™ software package, wirelessly transmits these nine readings to your computer in seconds when in range using the wireless USB stick, offering unrivalled levels of privacy and discretion.

Wirelessly connect the BC-1000 with the Garmin FR60 or Forerunner 310XT fitness watches and weight, body fat and body water data will be displayed on your wrist, while all nine measurements are stored in the watch.

The lack of a display unit makes the BC-1000 quite unlike any other body composition monitor you will have encountered but Tanita have employed the ANT+ wireless interface protocol to provide health and fitness professionals and enthusiasts with the most sophisticated health monitoring technology on the market.

The Tanita BC-1000 is the latest addition to Tanita’s ever-impressive range of body composition monitors and offers unrivalled levels of discreetness and privacy.

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