SwimFin Grey - Modern Day Swimming Aid for Children

Price: £19.99

SwimFin - The Modern Day Swimming Aid for Children, Adults and indiviuals with Special Needs

SwimFin arrived onto the market in 2008 and has become a trusted overnight success with Local Authorities, Leisure Management Companies, Swimming Schools, Private Health Clubs, Primary Schools, not to mention the thousands and thousands of Children and Parents.

is now becoming a market leader in Swimming aids for children and has developed a brand name in its own right.  Children seem to forget about learning to swim, its more FUN when using SwimFin, they just think their a Shark, Fish, Dolphin or Whale and tests prove that children are now picking up this life saving skill in a fraction of the time that it would take using the old fashioned swimming aids which are often restrictive around the arms and body.

SwimFin is not just a swimming aid though, it's a professional piece of teaching kit, buoyancy aid, a toy. I'ts so versatile, functional and practical, you can use it in so many different ways on different ages and abilities, adults and special needs. What other single piece of equipment can say that.

is the modern day new swimming aid, tried and tested to assist children in learning to swim. This buoyancy aid complies to life jacket safety standards and works in more than one particular way. Unlike armbands, discs, life vests, noodles etc,

is streamlined and there is no need to inflate, deflate add or remove additional support.

The more SwimFin is out of the water the less its working, don’t be misled that if your child can swim he/she wont need it. It has been designed so your child is having fun during their swimming lessons, which makes the teacher’s job easier and encourages children into the swimming pool. By promoting the shark /dolphin image children are more inclined to put heir face into the water, enhancing the body position making movement through the water easier.

How does SwimFin work whilst swimming on your back? SwimFin works in several ways, again without the restrictions of armbands or having to hold on to floats etc, the child simply leans on SwimFin for maximum support. Balance can soon be found and a keel action (the same on a yacht) will give stability. But and it’s a great but, with an extra twist,  SwimFin will roll the body over to an upright, safe and/or secure standing position.

If your child feels in control, confidence will definitely grow and will learn faster, now that’s priceless. Its multi-stroke functionality, gives that little extra thinking time when it comes to learning Breast stroke, there’s always a struggle in the early stages to co-ordinate the arms and legs.

SwimFin comes in a choice of colours (Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Pink).  There are also a range of accessories includinga SwimFin Rucksack.  Download the video for a demonstration, read the amazing testimonials. SwimFin can be seen being used in swimming lessons run by local authorities with qualified amateur swimming association (ASA) and the swimming teachers association (STA) instructors, not to mention countless swim schools and clubs.

It’s not just for swimming lessons, take it to your local pool, leisure centre, on holiday, let dad have a go.  Made from quality materials, its strong robust design comes with ISO assurance. Its FUN, practical and safe and truly works.

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