Shotz Electrolyte Tablets - Sports Nutrition - Lemon

Price: £9.00

SHOTZ Electrolyte Tablets - Lemon

SHOTZ Electrolyte Tablets are the ultimate in portable, thirst quenching hydration. SHOTZ Electrolyte Tablets are super convenient effervescent tablets that dissolve quickly in water to help deliver the precise amount of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Take them wherever your sport takes you. The handy tough tube fits nicely in your cycle jersey, back pack, sports bag ready for any and every challenge. Staying hydrated and replacing electrolytes is a smart move for anyone who wants to perform well and the SHOTZ Electrolyte Tablet has all the answers.

Available with a slight lemon flavoring to give that thirst quenching taste. 1 SHOTZ Electrolyte Tablet will make 500ml of refreshing hydration drink.

Key Features:
  • 20 tablets per tube
  • 1 tablet makes 500ml of electrolyte drink
  • Simple to use with no mixing or mess

Nutritional Information:

  Average Quantity
per serving
Average Quantity
per 100ml
12 KJ (3 Kcal)
4 KJ (1 Kcal)
Fat - Total
Fat - Saturated
<1g <1g
215mg (4.7 mmol)
86mg (1.8 mmol)
Calcium 6.25mg
Vitamin C
Vitamin B2
250 mcg
100 mcg

Shotz Energy - Sports Nutrition for Athletes

Shotz is the first two-part hydration and carb sports nutrition system. Electrolyte Hydration Tablets and Carbo Gels – two products, one balanced approach to sports nutrition. “Finish What You Started!”. Available in the UK for the first time, SHOTZ has a formidable reputation worldwide, for bringing high performance nutritional products to the world of Triathlon, Running and Cycling.

Originating from Australia, SHOTZ like its homeland is synonymous with sporting excellence.

What makes Shotz better than a sports drink?

“I am glad you have raised the issue of sports drinks as the Shotz system (Carboshotz Energy Gels, Shotz Electrolyte Tablets) is a far better and more effective way to replace energy and electrolyte. With sports drinks you have one product trying to do two jobs and they simply miss the mark in both areas. The carbohydrate in sports drinks in most cases is predominantly sugar which provides a quick hit of energy but is short lived. The electrolyte composition is far from ideal and does not meet the requirements that are necessary for proper hydration. Not to mention the artificial colourings that are used. Carboshotz Energy Gel for fast, sustained energy and Shotz Electrolyte Tablets for complete hydration. You can’t beat that system.” - Shotz Product Developer

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