Power Balance Wristband | Sports Bracelet - Black Small

Price: £29.99
Power Balance wrist bands

Power Balance wrist bands: harmonise your body, improve sports performance!.

Power Balance Wearable Performance Technology™

Brand new Power Balance Silicone Wristband - Black.

Each Power Balance silicone wristband comes equipped with two, visible Power Balance Mylar Holographic Disks. (Mylar is the same substance used to keep static electricity from damaging electrical components).  

The 3mm thick wristband is made from 100% surgical grade silicone that is extremely durable, featuring a 40% stretch feature for extra stretch over the hands. It is built to last, and all features a 30 day warranty (on all product on covering manufacturing defects).  

Available in sizes (wrist circumference): S (17.5cm), M (19cm), L (20.5cm), XL(22cm).  

The Power Balance Mylar Holographic Disks begin to work almost instantly, restoring optimal electro-magnetic balance and promoting free flowing energy pathways in your body. The key benefits that can come from wearing the Power Balance Mylar Holographic Disks are: 

vastly improved physical balance, more flexibility, better focus and concentration, enhanced muscle strength and increased stamina.  

How it works: Everyone’s body is essentially a complex set of electro-chemical processes, a series of organic chemicals generating electro-magnetic energy. Every time your lungs inhale and exhale air, your heart beats, your brain thinks, your arms and legs move, a series of electrical impulses originate and travel through the body. 

The totality of our existence depends on the efficient exchange and balance of positive and negative electrical charges called ions. As with all electrical transmission systems, efficiently generating and transferring the energy throughout the body is essential for wellbeing. 

Interference, blockages and imbalances along the grid carrying the energy occur on a daily basis and can originate from both inside the body and out. For instance, both internal factors such as stress, illness and injury as well as external factors such as proximity to natural and man-made electricalforces (such as mobile phones, laptops etc) can interfere with and corrupt the optimum flow of energy in the body.  

After many years of research and development, the Power Balance team in the US has developed the Mylar Holographic Disks to safely and instantly restore and optimize the electro-magnetic balance within the human body.  

The Power Balance Mylar Holographic Disks have been imbedded with the Schumann Resonating Frequency, which is 7.83 hertz. The Schumann Resonating Frequency has been established as the common frequency at which human beings, mammals and the Earth in general resonate at. (Refer to www.earthbreathing.co.uk/sr.htm for a useful explanation on the research behind the Schumann Resonating Frequency).  

When the Power Balance Mylar Holographic Disks come into contact with your body’s energy field (within say 2 inches/5 cm), it begins to resonate in accordance with your natural biological processes, creating a harmonic loop (similar to how you tune a guitar with a tuning fork) that optimizes your energy field and maintains maximum energy flow while clearing the pathways so the electro-chemical exchanges function at their optimum levels. Said another way, the Power Balance Disks operate to restore your body’s electrical balance, promoting a free exchange of positive and negative ions and aligning your body’s energy pathways.  

The key benefits that can come from wearing the Power Balance Mylar Holographic Disks are: vastly improved physical balance (for improved sports performance), more flexibility (promoting improved sports performance and reduced injury risk), faster synaptic response (brain function), enhanced muscle strength (in both fast and slow twitch tissues) and increased stamina (better oxygen uptake and recovery).

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