Polar S1 Foot Pod

Price: £69.50
S1 Polar Speed and Distance Footpod

Polar S1 Foot Pod for RS300X, FT60, FT80, S625x, S7125x, RS200/SD and RS400/SD. When used alongside a compatible Polar heart rate monitor the S1 Foot Pod allows you to unleash the full speed and distance capabilities of your watch giving you access to the following features.

  • Speed/Pace and Distance.
  • Speed displayed in pace, or kmph/mph.
  • Target pace.
  • Target pace difference.
  • Target pace alarms.
  • Trip Odometer.
  • Run Distance.
  • Time and Distanced based interval timer.
  • Totals mileage, kilocalories, time training.
  • Distance summaries.
  • Speed/Pace summaries.
  • Speed/Pace target zones.

The S1 is accurate in all weather conditions and is water resistant up to 2 meters. It is simply operated by pressing one button and is stable and comfortable to wear.

The S1 Foot Pod comes complete with one AAA battery and an extra holder fork.
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