Polar RS300X Running Computer & Heart Rate Monitor - Orange

Price: £95.00
Polar RS300X Orange - For Enthusiast Runners

You're already on the right track with your training.  With the RS300X, you can go all the way.  The RS300X give you a true understanding of the effort you put in with all the essential heart rate monitor features.  The RS300X is so simple to use, all your training goals are within reach. 

Available as optional accessories to add later, the Polar G1 GPS Sensor and Polar S1 Footpod add speed and distance measurement capability to the RS300X for various outdoor sports, so you know it's worth all the effort.  You can also upload your training data to the Polar Personal Trainer website with the Polar Flowlink Accessory.
  • Measures your heart rate
  • Measures speed and distance (With the optional S1 Footpod or G1 GPS Sensor)
  • Helps you to train at the right intensity with personal training zones
  • Displays how many calories you’ve burned
  • Tracks your latest 16 training sessions and your last 16 weeks of training
  • Transfer training data to polarpersonaltrainer.com with optional Polar FlowLink™ (Optional)

Polar RS300X Basic features

  • Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm / HRR%)
  • Backlight
  • Display zoom
  • Easy start (setting wizard)
  • Event Countdown Timer
  • Graphical target zone indicator
  • Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
  • Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
  • HeartTouch™, button-free operation of wrist unit
  • KeyLockOver-sized display
  • User configurable displays
  • Visual and audible alarm in target zones
  • Water resistant - 50m

Polar RS300X Cycling features

  • Bike mount - (Optional)

Polar RS300X Data transfer

  • Compatible with polarpersonaltrainer.com with Polar FlowLink (Optional)
Polar RS300X GPS features with G1 GPS Sensor (Optional)
  • Battery type - AA
  • Full power mode (up to 30 hours with an optional lithium battery) - avg. 10 hours
  • Low battery indicator
  • Low power battery mode - avg. 15 hours
  • SIRF-III chipset
  • Shock resistant
  • Speed and Distance
  • WAAS support (wide area augmentation system)
  • Water resistant - 20m
Polar RS300X Language features

  • Display text in English, German, French and Spanish

Polar RS300X Exercise Features

  • Automatic lap recording - opt. Average heart rate of each lap Average heart rate of total exercise Exercise Date
  • Exercise Set (extended exercise profiles)
  • HR-based target zones with audible alarm - 3
  • HR-based target zones with visual alarm - 3
  • HRmax (Polar Fitness test-based)
  • HRmax (age-based)
  • Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts
  • Maximum heart rate of each lap
  • Maximum heart rate of total exercise
  • Number of laps - 99
  • Polar Fitness Test™ with OwnIndex®
  • Polar OwnCal®
  • Polar OwnCode® (5kHz)
  • Polar OwnZone®
  • Polar sport zones
  • Speed-based target zones with visual and audible alarm - opt.
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
  • ZoneLock
  • ZonePointer

Polar RS300X Recording features

  • Average heart rate
  • Calorie expenditure - exe.total
  • Exercise Time (total)
  • Exercise file info page with date and time
  • Lap info
  • Last OwnIndex
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Number of exercise files (with summaries) - 16
  • Target zone limits
  • Time in target zone

Polar RS300X Running features

  • Distance summaries
  • G1 GPS Sensor (Optional)
  • Run Distance
  • Polar S1 foot pod™ (Optional)
  • Speed displayed in pace, or kmph/mph
  • Speed/Pace and Distance
  • Speed/Pace summaries
  • Speed/Pace target zones
  • Target pace
  • Target pace alarms
  • Time and Distanced based interval timer
  • Totals mileage, kilocalories, time training
  • Trip Odometer

Polar RS300X Transmitter belt

  • Polar WearLink® + 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery)

Polar RS300X Watch features

  • Alarm with snooze
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Dual time zone
  • Low battery indicator
  • StopWatch
  • Time of day (12/24h) with alarm

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