Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - Training Computer - Male - Black - Silver

Price: £89.00

POLAR FT7 Heart Rate Monitor | Training Computer | Male | Black - Silver

How would you like to have a personal trainer on your wrist?  Well, the FT7 may be just what you are looking for.  For those who want to know if they’re improving their fitness or burning fat.The FT7 is one up from the entry-level FT4 heart rate monitor and essentially replaces the ever popular F6 and F7 Heart Rate Monitors.  The FT7  is aimed at those who want to understand more about their fitness and with the purchase of the optional Polar Flowlink you can upload your exercise data to the Polar Personal Trainer website.The FT7 looks and works as a digital wrist watch with dual time zones, date of the day and alarm features.  It also comes with a chest strap that measures your heart rate and transmits wirelessly it to the watch.
Wear it when you go for a brisk walk, jog, or yoga session.   An alarm will sound if your heart rate falls outside the desired zone – which is a balance between cardiac safety and an effective workout.

Polar FT7 Colour options:

Black / Gold (female)
Black / Silver (male)

Polar FT7 Key features:

  • Time of day
  • Fat burning or fitness improvement – The FT7 works out an easy way to a fitter body as it calculates the point where the main effect of training is turning into fitness improvement. It’s easy to see in its graphical display.
  • POLAR OwnCal® - Shows calories burnt during and after the training session. See also the estimated amount of fat (%) burnt as an energy source.
  • POLAR OwnCode® - Prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors.
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate (% / beats per minute)
  • Average and maximum heart rate of total exercise
  • Memory features – daily, weekly and total summaries
  • User changeable battery

Polar FT7 Accessories:
•    POLAR FlowLink – Easy to use data transfer between the wrist unit and polarpersonaltrainer.com.  It is plugged to the PC with a USB connection.

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