Nathan Speed 2 Hyrdration Pack - Grey/Yellow - Large

Price: £21.99

Nathan Speed 2 - A lightweight, elasticated waist pack carrier with two nutrition flasks for energy gel.

Also available in pink

Provides a non-restricting source of carbohydrate replacement during running and cycling. Ideal for long distance events and training.


Waist size:

  • Small 26-32"
  • Medium 32-36"
  • Large 36-42"

The Nathan Speed 2 features a lightweight waist pack which wraps snugly to the contours of the body and holds two nutrition flasks securely. The limited stretch belt is comfortable, secure and breathable due to the moisture wicking mesh design. It holds the nutrition flasks bounce free without being restrictive. Waist pack also has a large stash pocket for carrying keys, mobile phone or a wallet.

The two 10oz (320ml) nutrition flasks are designed to be squeezed so you can control the flow of energy gel - a quick burst or a steady flow, depending on your needs. It also features a textured surface to reduce the likelihood of dropping the nutrition flask. The cap has an easy grip design to make it super easy to get on and off.

The nutrition flasks has a capacity of 10oz (320ml) which is ideal for an energy gel that can provide essential carbohydrate replacement during intense physical exercise.

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