Compex Sport 400 EMS
Compex Sport 400 EMS,Compex Sport 400 offers an extensive range of sport programmes, including a number of programmes for combining voluntary dynamic work and electrostimulation
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Compex Sport 400 EMS
Compex Sport 400 EMSCompex Sport 400 EMS
Compex Sport 400 EMS
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Advice from Professional Atheletes
Compex has developed, in collaboration with top sports men and women, the state of the art Sport 400. Pioneering technology with the choice several different programmes enabling you to combine electrostimulation with a voluntary dynamic workout, thereby pushing you to the peak of physical preperation. With 418 programs the Sport 400 provides the highest level of training possible whatever your requirements
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Item Summary: Developed through close collaboration between sportsmen and sportswomen of the highest level and Compex’s scientific team, Compex Sport 400 offers an extensive range of sport programmes, including a number of programmes for combining voluntary dynamic work and electrostimulation. But, in addition to its sport-related features, Compex Sport 400 is also a user-friendly multi-purpose device.

Multi-purpose: because its programmes cover applications as diverse as vascular problems, painkiller treatments or rehabilitation after a period of forced inactivity… User-friendly: because the grouping of programmes by categories makes navigation easier. The CD-ROM and the operator manual indicate precisely which application and which programmes are the best suited to your specific situation.

Compex Sport 400 Details:

Compex Sport 400 EMS Includes:

  • The COMPEX SPORT 400 electronic muscle stimulator (Compex EMS unit)
  • A battery charger
  • One set of electrode cables (blue, green, yellow, red)
  • 4 bags containing the electrodes:
    - 2 bags with 4 small electrodes (5x5cm)
    - 2 bags with 2 large electrodes (5x10cm)
  • A user manual
  • A CD-ROM containing the Training Planner and specific applications (Sport 400, INFO)


Sport Category

  • Active recovery- To improve and accelerate the muscle recovery after an intensive exercise
    - To be used during the first 3 hours after each session of intensive training or after a competition
  • Concentric - Combination of voluntary dynamic concentric contractions with weights and electrically induced contractions
  • Eccentric- Combination of voluntary dynamic eccentric contractions with weights and electrically induced contractions
  • Endurance- For athletes who wish to improve their performance in long-duration sporting events
  • Explosive strength - For athletes practising a discipline in which explosive strength is an important factor in performance
  • Hypertrophy- For competitive athletes who wish to increase their muscle mass
    - For body-builders
  • Plyometry- For athletes who, on account of injury, must interrupt or limit their voluntary plyometric training sessions
    - For athletes who wish to increase the quantity of plyometric muscular stimulations without risk of injury
    - To reproduce plyometric work on muscle groups for which this type of work is difficult to achieve voluntarily (deltoid, latissimus dorsi, etc.)
  • Potentiation- For optimum muscle preparation immediately before competition
  • Regeneration- To be used the day after competition as recovery training or as a complement to this type of training, the intensity of which can then be reduced
  • Resistance- For competitive athletes who wish to increase their capacity to sustain intense and prolonged effort
  • Strength- For competitive athletes practising a discipline that requires strength and speed
  • Stretching- For all athletes who wish to maintain or improve their muscular elasticity
    - To be used after all training sessions or during a specific stretching session

Vascular Category

  • Capillarization - In the period before competition, for those participating in endurance or resistance sports
    - As a supplement to a programme in the Aesthetic category
    - To improve endurance in those whose fitness level is not high
  • Drainage- To combat occasional swelling of the feet and ankles
    - As a supplement to pressure therapy or manual lymphatic drainage
    - Do not use without medical advice in case of oedemas that are the side effect of a pathological problem
  • Heavy legs- To remove the feeling of heaviness in the legs arising in unusual situations (standing for long periods, heat, hormonal imbalance linked to the menstrual cycle, etc.)

Pain Category

  • Arthralgia - Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent pain in a joint, as in osteoarthritis and rheumatism (all joints in the limbs except the elbow: see the Epicondylitis programme below)
  • Cervical pain - Analgesic current specifically adapted to pains in the back of the neck
  • Contracture / Tonolysis- To combat recent and localized muscular pain
  • Cramp prevention- Cramp mainly affects muscles of the lower limbs, in particular the calf muscles
  • Endorphinic- To combat chronic muscular pain
  • Epicondylitis- Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent pain in the elbow
  • Low back pain- Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent low back pain (lumbar region)
  • Lumbago- Analgesic current specifically adapted to sharp and sudden low back pain (lumbar region)
  • Lumbosciatica- Analgesic current specifically adapted to low back pain (lumbar region) combined with pain in the buttocks running down the rear of the thigh and sometimes into the leg and foot
  • Sophisticated TENS- All acute or chronic localized pain
  • Thoracic back pain - Analgesic current specifically adapted to pain in the thoracic region (below the back of the neck and above the low back)


  • Disuse atrophy / Disuse atrophy 1 - Treatment to combat any reduction of muscle volume:
    -as a result of trauma necessitating immobilisation
    -accompanying degenerative lesions to joints
  • Muscle growth - After a period of using the Disuse atrophy treatment, as soon as the muscle shows signs of a slight recovery of volume or tone
    - Until the virtually complete restoration of muscle volume
  • Reinforcement / Reinforcement 1 - At the end of rehabilitation, when the muscle has regained normal muscle volume
    - From the onset of rehabilitation for non-atrophied muscles


  • Aerobic - For those who do fitness exercises regularly to increase their endurance and improve the harmony of their figure
  • Muscle building- To improve the musculature in general (strength, volume, tone)
    - Particularly recommended before using the Hypertonic or Hypertrophy programmes
  • Muscle starter - To reactivate the muscles of sedentary users and restore physiological muscular qualities
    - The ideal preparation for using the other Fitness category programmes


  • Muscle firming - To be used as the main treatment for muscle firming
  • Muscle tone- To be used to begin with in order to tone up and prepare the muscles before more intensive firming work
  • Shaping-To be used when the firming phase is finished

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