Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS
Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS,Compex Sport 3 VASCULAR combines the best of SPORT programmes to cover all aspects of the physical preparation of a sports enthusiast
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Compex Fitness Tens EMS
Compex Fitness Tens EMS
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Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS
Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS
Was: 374.99
Price: 332.99
Compex Sport 400 EMS
Compex Sport 400 EMS
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Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS
Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMSCompex Sport 3 Vascular EMS
Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS
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Advice from Professional Atheletes
Already used by a large majority of professional atheletes in training, competition and recovery stages. The Sport 300 provides both amateur and professional sports people with a wide range of programs specific to their sport.
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Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS Compex Sport 3 Vascular EMS details
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Item Summary: Compex Sport 3 VASCULAR combines the best of SPORT programmes to cover all aspects of the physical preparation of a sports enthusiast. Apart from these basic programmes, the 2003 VASCULAR version of Compex Sport 3 emphasizes vascular preparation (most of the typical problems of those who regularly practice sports can be anticipated and minimized by working to improve the blood circulation) and painkiller treatments (to provide effective relief for contractures and muscular tension that interfere with regular practice). A complete tool to help the sports enthusiast at every stage of his/her training.

Compex Sport 3 Vascular Details:

Compex Sport 3 Vascular Includes:

  • The Compex Sport 3 Muscle Stimulator - EMS unit
  • A battery charger
  • One set of electrode cables
  • 4 bags containing the electrodes (2 x 4 small and 2 x 2 large)
  • A user manual
  • A booklet showing the positions of the electrodes
  • One CD-ROM (training planner)


Sport Category

  • Active recovery - To improve and accelerate the muscle recovery after an intensive exercise
    - To be used during the first 3 hours after each session of intensive training or after a competition
  • Endurance - For athletes who wish to improve their performance in long-duration sporting events
  • Explosive strength- For athletes practising a discipline in which explosive strength is an important factor in performance
  • Potentiation- For optimum muscle preparation immediately before competition
  • Regeneration- To be used the day after competition as recovery training or as a complement to this type of training, the intensity of which can then be reduced
  • Resistance- For competitive athletes who wish to increase their capacity to sustain intense and prolonged effort
  • Strength- For competitive athletes practising a discipline that requires strength and speed

Vascular Category

  • Capillarization - In the period before competition, for those participating in endurance or resistance sports
    - As a supplement to a programme in the Aesthetic category
    - To improve endurance in those whose fitness level is not high
  • Cramp prevention- Cramp mainly affects muscles of the lower limbs, in particular the calf muscles
  • Drainage- To combat occasional swelling of the feet and ankles
    - As a supplement to pressure therapy or manual lymphatic drainage
    - Do not use without medical advice in case of oedemas that are the side effect of a pathological problem

Pain Category

  • Contracture / Tonolysis - To combat recent and localized muscular pain
  • Endorphinic- To combat chronic muscular pain
  • Sophisticated TENS- All acute or chronic localized pain

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