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Step into the future with the SunnyCam video recording sunglasses. The SunnyCam allows you to record how you view the world around you with a 3 mega pixel high resolution pinhole video camera placed discreetly between your eyes. This allows you to record true point of view (POV)footage like no other product can offer. Perfect for recording on the move or when performing any activity requiring the use of two hands, the SunnyCam is the very best product on the market for capturing life hands free!

Capture Life Hands Free

Unlike other head cameras currently on the market, the SunnyCamís actual first person point of view allows you to record footage with the same viewpoint as seen in many first person video games such as Call of Duty. The result is a product which has considerable benefits for a wide range of activities, specifically coaching and teaching, allowing the coach to see exactly what the participant is viewing for better communication between the coach/teacher and the participant. The slim, lightweight frame allows the user to wear the glasses securely and comfortably and still look good so thereís no need to have a flimsy head camera protruding from your forehead.

Upload Your Video's to Any Social Network

The SunnyCam easily connects to any PC/Mac or laptop via USB. Simply plug in the SunnyCam and watch your videos instantly, itís that easy. Want to easily upload videos that youíve just recorded onto any social media site? Not a problem with the SunnyCam. The SunnyCam saves AVI file format so the files are ready to be instantly uploaded to any social network site. Share with your friends, family or work colleagues the world recorded through your eyes....what will you share?

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