New York Marathon

Last long training run before Stratford

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I've been out 3 times this week and done 6.5, 4 and 6.5 miles with a gym session in between.  I've been using some protein shakes this week and it has really helped with recovery.  My legs have a felt as lot better as a result.  I'm going to go ...

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Physicool™ cooling bandages - The leading reusable cold therapy cooling bandage

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New in next week. Physicool™ is the leading reusable therapeutic cooling bandage. Physicool is a new, unique stretchy reusable bandage that combines cooling with compression and works by drawing heat out by rapid evaporation, as opposed to most other products that work by driving cold in. It gives instant treatment for ...

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Sundog Eyewear - A World Leader in Sport Sunglasses

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We are hoping to start selling Sundog Eyewear and Sundog Sunglasses in the near future. Sundog Eyewear began as a family business in 1982. Their sunglasses are now sold in Canada, the United States and throughout Europe. Consumers have a vast range of competing sunglass brands to choose from, so why ...

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Timex Offer - Free Data Recorder

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From the 31st March Timex ceased their free data recorder 2 offer.  The data recorder 2 was included with the Timex Bodylink Plus T5F011, the Timex Trailrunner T5J985 and the Timex Bodylink Midsize T5G311.  The above watches will continue to be available but without the data recorder 2 included.  As ...

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Garmin Edge® 605

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   Edge® 605 Add maps and find motivation with Edge 605. This GPS-enabled cycle computer comes loaded with everything you need to make the most out of your ride. Get cycle computer data and mapping detail, all from one compact, easy-to-use device. You can even store, analyze and share your stats for ...

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Garmin® nüvifone™

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Garmin® nüvifone™ Takes Personal Navigation and Communication to the Next Level New York/January 30, 2008/PR Newswire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) and the world’s leading GPS manufacturer, today announced its entrance into the mobile phone market with the nüvifone, an all-in-one, sleek and slim, touchscreen device ...

New York Marathon

Tired old legs

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The old legs have been aching around the knees over the last few weeks but are recovering well now from each run.  I've been taking Seven Seas Joint Care supplements and they seem to have done the trick.  I went out last weekend and did 7 miles on the Saturday ...

New York Marathon

Got my number for Stratford

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Managed in all to complete 38 miles last week.  This week I haven't had so much time.  So far 28 miles.  Looking forward now to the Stratford half at the end of April.

New York Marathon

14.5 Miles is tough going

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I went out on Monday aiming to do 12 miles and ended up doing 14.5 miles.  My legs are aching somewhat today.  No matter how much stretching you do the simple fact is that it's going to hurt.  Ramping up to doing 20 miles is going to be a challenge....

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Great day at Silverstone

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5 of us went over to Silverstone yesterday and completed the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon.  It was a great day, a bit windy but the sun was shining.  There were about 5000 other crazy people running.  I managed a personal best of 1 Hour 44 Minutes which was a fantastic ...

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