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Royal Mail Postal Workers Strike - Intervention is needed

10.13.09 | No Comments

Below is the content of an e-mail I sent to Mark Higson & Adam Crozier at Royal Mail today.  I copied it to David Cameron of the Conservative Party to seek his views.

I am now currently looking at alternatives to Royal Mail for the Christmas period to ensure that we can continue to provide great service to our customers.  It is likely as a result that we will have to increase our delivery charges and there are products that we will no longer be able to sell because the margins are so low.  As many companies prepare to do the same it is clear that Royal Mail will lose many customers and the Postal Workers by striking put their jobs at more risk than they were in the first place.

Here is my e-mail:

Dear Adam,

I am an aspiring small business owner that uses Royal Mail on a daily basis for my mail order company.  Although only a small company we both support our local post office by putting up to a 1000 items a month through their door we also are helping keep postal workers in a job.

Our turnover is up 68% on last year and until I heard about the impending strike action I was optomistic about the Christmas period.

I cannot understand how postal workers are being allowed to strike in a recession.  Everyone is at risk of losing their job or taking a pay cut, what makes them so special.  I’m sure there are plenty of people on the dole who would gladly take their place to pay their mortgage before their home is repossessed.

I have bought in large amounts of stock for Christmas,  it is highly likely if I cannot sell it that my plans to expand will fail and I will go bust.

Seriously, how can you let this happen when the country’s confidence levels hang in the balance?

I hope there is something you can do.  What level of support is being provided by Gordon Brown?

I would be quite happy to stand in front of the union and the workers and highlight to them the risks of going ahead with these strikes.

I understand many large companies are going elsewhere as a result of this action, do these workers not realise that they are doing themselves out of a job.

I look forward to your reply

Best wishes

Karl Connor
Equestrian Ventures Limited

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