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Rocket Shower for Atlantic Water Babes

10.01.09 | No Comments

Rocket Shower for Atlantic Water Babes

Fitsense Sports are proud to be involved with the Atlantic Water Babes.  An intrepid bunch of girls planning to row the Atlantic as part of the Woodvale Challenge Race following inthe footsteps of the likes of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell.

KAREN RADBAND, KILEY REHOREL-DALY, SARAH MEDLAND and JO LANGMEAD all based in Jersey are taking on the Atlantic in the row of their lives - a bid to complete the 2,900 nautical mile Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Challenge from La Gomera to Antigua, starting in December 2009.

Jersey has a history of male rowers completing this challenge but there has never been a Jersey-based Ladies Atlantic crew.  Their aim is to break the women’s fours record of 51 days, 7 hours and 31 minutes.

This race, organised by Woodvale Atlantic Challenge, will see the Jersey based crew competing against 35 other crews from across the world.  The Atlantic WaterBabes are one of only two women’s fours taking part in this race and are aiming to become the fifth women’s four to complete the race.

The race, which runs from the Canaries to Antigua, offers an incredible experience to all who participate including amazing sunsets, sunrises and wildlife encounters. However, the crew must also overcome the constant battle against sleep deprivation and the physical extremes of the race. With the familiarity of land far gone, the focus will be on the team and knowing all there is to know about the boat.

The 29ft boat will carry all the supplies and equipment for the entire duration, so there will be little room for luxury items.  The crew will be entirely self sufficient for the duration of the race.

The Waterbabes will be rowing for 12 hours every day (2 hours on, 2 hours off) so we will each need around 7,000 calories per day, three times more than usual.  They will be eating rehydrated foods, supplemented with chocolate, high energy snacks and vitamins.

The race starts on the 6th of December 2009.

Fitsense Sports will be providing Energy & Hydration Supplements from Shotz Sports Nutrition, Sundog Sunglasses and “A Shower in a Bottle” Base Packs from Rocket Shower to help the girls along  the way.  Being a small Company we cannot afford a financial sponsorship deal but are happy to provide a small quantity of sports nutrition products from one of the leading sports nutrition brands, Shotz, including Shotz Energy Bars, CarboSHOTZ Energy gels and Shotz Electrolyte Tablets.

As there are no showers at sea in a small rowing boat, having some Rocket Shower will really help the girls to keep clean and will be a real luxury.  The Rocket Shower Base Packs to be provided include a 250ml Rocket Shower Bottle, a MicroNet Towel, a Mini Washcloth and a bag to carry it all in.

Rocket Shower, originally designed for Bike Commuters is proving really popular with outdoor pursuits, festival goers, travellers and adventurers.  We have sold packs to people travelling to far flung areas of the world, festival goers, campers and even people going into hospital.  The uses are endless.  For rowing across the Atlantic Rocket Shower is ideal as it’s not an easy environment in which to stay clean.  Rocket Shower was formulated to effectively clean the body without additional water, making it easy for sweaty people in any situation to clean up quickly and conveniently.

We are also supplying the girls with some Sundog Tremor Sunglasses which are perfectly suited to water based acticities as they were designed for surfing with a strap around the back of the head so they won’t lose them overboard, 100% solar protection from UV-A, B and C radiation and Hydrophilic Megol compound nose pads and temple tips enable superior contact point adhesion and wick away moisture to prevent slippage and enhance comfort.

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