Berlin Marathon 2009

Struggling to get some motivation for marathon training

06.16.09 | No Comments

Tired, stressed, bit bored with pounding the streets.  Yep, that’s me and i’m sure many of you feel the same.  The wway teh economy is everybody is just keeping their head down and working hard to keep the wolf from the door.

Finding time and motivation to train is proving difficult.  I have managed to keep a good level of fitness doing 2-3 fast 4 mile runs a week coupled with some gym work and possibly an 8 mile run on the weekend but I am really struggling to motivate myself to up the miles at the weekends.  The weather is so nice, having a cool beer is much more enticing.

It’s time to knuckle down down though.  I will have to dig deep and just get on with it, Berlin in only in September which is not that far away now…

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