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New Whey Liquid Protein Vials for post training recovery

05.21.08 | No Comments

We are about to test the new IDS Whey Liquid Protein.  I take protein after a long run or gym session to aid the recovery process and I feel this product may fit on the site as a more portable alternative to protein shakes. Post Training, Post Race or at work, taking pure protein is difficult. You’ve either got to mix up a bulky shake to take with you or eat a sandwich that may contain all sorts of other things that you don’t really need. These vials will fit neatly into your gym bag, kit bag or briefcase and you can take up to 3 a day with meals. The product is proving very popular with Professional Footballers, Triathletes and Rugby Players alike. They contain 25g of whey protein and 100 kcal but no sugar and no fat.

New Liquid Whey Protein

The verdict from was that “the vials of New-Whey Liquid Protein are an easy and hassle free way of increasing the protein in your diet. The liquid is a complete protein and, therefore, may be especially useful to vegetarians.

One instant observation was that, unlike other protein supplements, which tend to be in the form of a ’shake’, the New-Whey didn’t make you feel ‘filled up’ and so not actually want to eat the meal that you were supposed to be supplementing.

The containers are resealable, easily storeable and transportable. The 12-pack of 25gm shots lists at £29.99 but we are likely to sell it at around £24.99. The advantages of having it pre-mixed and ready to use whenever you need it, it doesn’t need to be kept in a ‘fridge, and the fact that it’s non-filling make this a very attractive way of getting protein in during that critical one-hour window after an intense training session or a race. Just be prepared for some odd looks in transition if you’re a Triathlete!

It’s worth noting, however, that protein supplements are only beneficial if your diet is lacking in protein and that excess protein in the diet can actually be harmful to your health especially if you have liver or kidney problems. If you are thinking about supplementing your diet with extra protein and you have any reservations it may be worth consulting a nutritionist or your GP before continuing.

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