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Breo Flips Flops | Breo Headphones - New Product Ranges

04.23.09 | No Comments

Breo Flips Flops | Breo Headphones - New Product Ranges for 2009

Breo have just launched all the new colours for their ever popular Breo Roam Sports Watch range. In May 2009 they are also extending their product range to include lifestyle accessories such as Flip Flops and Headphones.  Many of the new products were very well received at the recent Gadget Show Exhibition and are due on sale in May 2009…

Breo Flip Flops

Get set for summer with Breo Sport Flip Flops. 100% rubber and 100% comfortable, no EVA here! Breo flip flops may look like the traditional flip flops we know and love but on closer inspection you will find a soft, durable flip flop like no other on today’s market.

They are made from 100% rubber compound, resulting in a softer feeling under foot and better solid form compared to regular flip flops made from EVA. Made from a raw natural latex, this trendy footwear, is good for the environment as well. The material is organic, biodegradable and in turn results in a natural carbon cycle. Add all this to the usual Breo colours and you have not just any flip flop. 100% Organic, 10 Colours, Carry bag Included. Get some before everyone else…. Also coming in the next month Breo Headphones and earphones and other lifestyle accessories….

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Breo Headphones & Earphones

Breo Adreneline are ideal for active sports like running and cycling, they clip over your ear so you don’t have to move about them falling off….

Breo Candy Drop noise reducing earphones are the perfect companion for your iPod, mp3 player, laptop, portable DVD, MD, radio, or other audio devices. Sleek design, premium sound quality, noise reduction, and maximum comfort. The soft silicone earbuds fit perfectly inside your ears, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your music while blocking outside noise.

Breo de Janeiro Headphones Ultimate sound and digital clarity, specially designed for multi-environment use. The 44mm drivers have a special diaphragm, which allows them to sustain a high SPL and give a wide frequency response with exceptionally clear sound. With the DJ environment in mind, the full size closed cups are padded with soft, low compression set foam, giving a durable and extreme comfort for long periods of use.

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