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Amios MpFree Sports Headphones Mp3 Player - Testimonials

01.28.09 | No Comments

“Great Product, the controls are simple and easy to use. Putting music on is a breeze compared with other complicated programs, you just copy and paste from your media player! I now depend on my MP Free for music on the move! It has made exercise  a much more enjoyable experience.”
Mary, 26, Dublin

“I was sick of going to the gym and getting tangled in the wires of my MP3 when using the equipment. The Amios MP-Free suits my needs perfectly. Now I can listen to my music when I exercise and not have to worry about wires getting in my way.”
Robert, 28, Dublin

“At the gym I always use the treadmill, cycling machine and rowing machines as part of my cardio workout. I get bored watching Sky News or listening to what the gym staff want to listen to so I use an MP3 player. But I hadn’t found one that could allow me to have a full workout without constantly having to stop to fix the wires, put back in the earphone or change the song. I’ve tried the armbands and even the I-pod shoe dock but none worked properly, until now. I love the design and feel of the MP-Free. It is comfortable and very easy to use when working out.”
Una, 28, fitness enthusiast, Cork

“I love the MP free, its clever design means that It’s comfortable and easy to use. Much easier than using my ipod in the gym! It’s priced very reasonably as well!”
Jack, 24, Galway

“I bought a 1GB MP Free that I just use for the gym. I still have an I-pod for everyday use but find the MP Free ideal for use while I’m exercising! At just €49 it’s well worth it!”
Siobhan, 22, Dublin

“As a climber I thought it would be impossible to find an Mp3 player that would allow me to scale cliffs and still be able to listen to my favourite tunes. Climbers must travel light and a normal MP3 is hard to store and just doesn’t stand up to the rigours of climbing. The wires get tangled or in the way and you need to have 100% concentration in this sport. So now I have the best of both worlds.”
Mike, 34, Climber, UK

“When climbing I have enough ropes and wires to worry about without having the complication of tangled earphones. The MP Free lets me enjoy my favorite music while conquering the mountains!”
Garry, 33, Sligo

“I use my MP Free for a whole range of activities, whether I’m gardening, working around the house or going for a walk.  I even used it on recent fly fishing trip in Cavan!”
Simon, 48, Kildare

“I use my MP Free for mountain biking. I have tried “in ear” and “sports” headphones with an ipod, but the MP Free works far better and never falls off giving me perfect sound no matter how hard I ride!”
Brian, 28, Mountain Biker, Wicklow

“I first saw the Mp-Free at my skate park when one of the skateboarders was using one. At first I thought they were just headphones but when he showed me it was an MP3 player I was amazed.  It’s perfect for boarding as it always stays in place on my head even when doing crazy grinds and jumps. I even did a back flip on my rollerblades and they stayed on. I have the 2GB version, which gives me about 500 songs; more than enough for a few hours out in the park!!”
Ralf, 19, Skateboarder, Bristol

“I saw one of the lads with an MP Free at the skate park and decided I wanted one myself! It’s so handy, while skating I can now listen to my favorite tunes without worrying about smashing my ipod or having my earphones fallout!”
Cillian, Skateboarder, 17, Swords

“I used an MP3 when going running but found I always had to wear a hat to stop the earphones from falling out of my ears. This got really annoying after a while so I just stopped bringing it with me. When I saw the MP-Free I thought, “This is perfect”. It’s really comfortable and lightweight and it stores all the music I need to get the adrenalin pumping. Now, I never go jogging without it.”
Rachael, 24, Jogger

“I always have trouble with earphones. No matter what pair I try, they never fit properly and it gets so frustrating constantly having to put them back in after they fall out, especially when I’m having a snooze on the train on the way to work. The Mp-Free is a great concept. I just pop them on like headphones and click play, leaving me to doze in comfort when I sit on the bus.”
John, 22, Commuter, Dublin

“I like to wind away the weekends fishing in my favourite spots around my area. I used to keep an old battery powered radio alongside but other fisherman got upset at the noise it created. I found the MP-Free in my local fishing shop and bought one immediately. Now can listen to my music at the side of the river without hassling the other fishermen, and without scaring away the fish.”
Cliff, 55, Carrick an Suir, Fisherman

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