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Amios Mp3 Player - Amios MpFree Mp3 Player - Wireless Mp3 Player

01.22.09 | No Comments

Amios Mp3 Player | Amios MpFree Mp3 Player | Amios Wireless Mp3 Player | Sports Mp3 Player

Amios is a new brand name that hopes become widely associated with Wire Free Music. The first product launched under the Amios brand is the Amios MpFree Mp3 Player, a completely new and unique Wireless MP3 player for sports and fitness enthusiasts.   Essentially it is a set of sports headphones with a built in MP3 player that eliminates the annoyance of tangled wires when listening to music while exercising.

Amios Mp3 Player - Amios MpFree Mp3 Player

Most gym members use MP3 players when exercising and the Amios MpFree was developed after significant market research into people’s use of Mp3’s while they exercise, the results of which pointed strongly at the need for wireless Mp3 players.

Experience your sports to the fullest and enjoy your music at the same time, with the AMIOS MP-Free.  No need for bulky or awkward MP3 players, this MP3 player is conveniently built-in to the headphones, allowing sports and fitness enthusiasts to compete and enjoy their music without the annoyance of wires for the headphones.

These amazing new sports headphones are built to withstand the elements and the design is stylish and lightweight, yet robust. The comfortable, “behind the head” design will keep the headphones in place when engaging in single person or high performance sports.  The Amios MP-Free is perfect for jogging, cycling, fishing, skateboarding, extreme sports etc.  Anywhere you want your music and sport combined,  Amios MPFree provides the answer, in the most comfortable and stylish manner possible.  MPFree is designed with the sports person in mind.

•    Memory capacity: 1GB/2GB/ models available
•    Can be used as external disk, to save or backup files and other data
•    Supports MP3, WMA formats
•    Able to delete files without connecting to a PC
•    Supports menu operation in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Korean
•    Multi-playing modes: normal, repeat one, repeat all, shuffle repeat, DIR normal, DIR all normal and DIR shuffle repeat
•    132 x 132 graphic LCD with LED backlight
•    6-tone equalizer: Normal, Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Bass
•    Sleep off function
•    Song title and lyrics display
•    Navigator and file management
•    USB 2.0 high speed
•    Sports Headphone accessories: MP3 player, USB cable, instruction manual, installation disk
•    Software requirements: Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Pentium 200Mhz MMX

•    Headphone dimensions: 118mm x 55mm x 40mm
•    Weight: 52g (not including battery)
•    Power supply: 1 x AAA battery
•    Colours: Black & Chrome or White and Chrome

As you know we already sell the NU Dolphin Waterproof Mp3 Player aimed at swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts and the very popular Mi-Sport Waterproof Mp3 Player Sports Headpones.  The Amios MpFree sits at a slightly cheaper price point and will sell for around £45.00 and comes in a variety of colours including Black, Chrome or White & Chrome.  The official launch is on the 23rd January and we are about to trial the product with a view to selling it on the site.  Let us know what you think…

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Amios MP-Free - No Wires- No Hassle- JUST MUSIC on the Move

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