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FX-Sport VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones Now Available

11.27.12 | No Comments

A first for the sports world, the VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones are a water resistant, wire free, lightweight and super comfortable new training aid. They provide the user with both high quality music and the luxury of having their own personal trainer to customize any workout for any activity, including swimming.

The Programmable Personal Trainer facility allows the user to customize any workout with instruction, time notifications and motivational messages in their own words. Up to 64 personalised messages can be input to kick in at precisely designated times to structure any exercise session. This is done using the simple and free software downloaded from the FX-Sport website. There is also the option to race against a virtual athlete. All workouts can be saved on the software to provide a library of training sessions for speedy uploading in the future.

A selection of voices are available for the messages. Male or female in a variety of languages and accents.

Fantastic quality music is produced by the integrated 8GB mp3 player which uses text to speech software to read and voice album names or playlists to the user, using the buttons on the right headphone. This way there is no need for a screen which can be impractical whilst training and no need to carry a secondary unit. The mp3 player uses mp3, wma and aac [m4a] formats. Bass and treble settings can also be customized via the software. Music transfer can be “Drag and Drop” or via the FX-Sport software to then also use the extra functionality.

All unique functionality still applies for swimming using the FX-Sport silicone skin accessory and swim cap [bought separately] to make the VR1 fully waterproof. This methodology allows great quality music [and training messages] to be heard consistently even with vigorous swimming and over time. Designed by UK engineers with input from professional athletes. Patent Pending.

These are available to pre-order NOW – The first shipment is due to arrive on 15 December and the demand is already high


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