New York Marathon

New York Marathon was spectacular – 3.38!

11.07.08 | No Comments

I arrived back from New york on Wednesday morning.  What an amazing experience.  We all left the hotel at 4am and walked some distance to the buses which took us over to the start at Fort Wadsworth.  it was somewhat cold shall we say and and we hung around until 10.20am before we got going, sitting on cardboard in old clothes and binbags looking like a bunch of vagrants by a dumpster.

Everyones spirits were high, despite the cold, and we moved through to the start and over the Verazzano Bridge relatively swiftly and we were off.¬† What a view of New York.¬† I ran with my friends part way over the bridge then bid them goodbye and off I went weaving through the crowds to try and gain some pace.¬† Once I got over the bridge into Brooklyn the crowds shouted your name and cheered, it was amazing and quite emotional.¬† The support continued pretty much all the way round.¬† it was like¬† a big street party.¬† The whole of New York was out to support the runners.¬† What an event, it doesn’t get much better than that.¬† Thanks to people of New Yorkfor all the support you gave me!

As I approached Central Park at the end I was beginning to feel tired having fought through the crowds of runners all along the route.  I started to increase the pace into the last mile and despite getting cramp in my left hamstring sprinted over the line in 3 hours and 38 minutes which I was amazed at acheiving on this my second marathon.  My friends soon followed in 4 hours 26 minutes.

I got cramp in my calves immediately afterwards but a quick sachet of salt and some water and it soon went.  I then walked out of Central Park and back up Fifth Avenue to our hotel in Times Square, head held high wearing my medal with pride.

My legs were shall we say somewhat stiff the next day but by Tuesday they were fine and to complete this amazing trip we saw Paula Radcliffe with her family in F.A.O Swartz whilst we were out shopping.  Well done Paula, I was only an hour and 15 minutes behind you :)

I am full of cold this week so forced to rest which is not a bad thing.¬† Back into the training next week and looking forward to London 09….

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