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Sci-MX Xedra Cut MX
HOT PICK! Rapid fat loss ingredients. Burns body fat for energy. Suppresses appetite. Controls sugar cravings. Boosts metabolismand Anti catabolic
RRP Saving: £4.00
Sci-MX 100 % Whey Protein - 2.28KG
HOT PICK! Voted Britain's best whey protein. Sci-MX Whey accelerates lean muscle growth & is rapidly absorbed. Comes in 3 great tasting flavours
Timex Bodylink Trail Runner T5J985
HOT PICK! The Timex Trail Runner includes all the Bodylink features plus 3D GPS, mapping features, Predictive Finish time mode, & the ability to display heart rate %
RRP Saving: £35.00
Timex Trail Runner & Timex Data Recorder 2
HOT PICK! This package combines the new Timex Trail Runner and the new Timex Data Recorder 2 T5G751 to provide the ultimate training system
RRP Saving: £34.99
USN Pure Protein - 2.28KG
Sci-MX Pure Protein enhances lean muscle growth, is high in muscle repairing amino acids, has a gradual release formula, and virtually carb free
Timex Speed and Distance 50 lap - T5B501
Using GPS Technology, this system uses a network of satellites to precisely track how fast you are moving, running or walking. Features 50 lap storage
RRP Saving: £24.00
Timex Ironman 50 Lap Sleek Midsize Watch - T59201
Mid-sized 50 lap Timex SLEEK Ironman Triathlon sports watch. 100-hour chronograph. Suitable for smaller wrists.
RRP Saving: £5.00
Timex Ironman 50 Lap Sleek Triathlon T5F781
Highly durable and water resistant - 50 lap memory and comes in a cool inverted display design
RRP Saving: £3.00
Timex Bodylink GPS Speed, Distance & Heart Rate Monitor T5E671
HOT PICK! Timex Bodylink T5E671 - Includes Timex Ironman Triathlon Bodylink Performance Monitor, Speed & Distance Sensor, & Digital Heart Rate Sensor
RRP Saving: £67.00
Timex 30 Lap Heart Rate Monitor T5C411
HOT PICK!30 lap heart rate monitor with lap / split memory, calorie use feature, target heart rate zones, average heart rate, 50m water resistant
RRP Saving: £12.00
Sci-MX CLA Ultralean 1000
Sci-MX CLA has some amazing fat-burning effects: breaks down saturated fat, allows sustained loss of body fat, anti catabolic, reduces bad cholesterol
RRP Saving: £3.00
Garmin Forerunner 305 Heart Rate & Speed and Distance Monitor
Designed for athletes of all levels, the Garmin Forerunner 305 combines a speed, distance and heart rate monitor
RRP Saving: £56.00
Wobble Cushion
For posture training. Inflatable and adjustable to suit individual. Ideal for balance posture and massage
RRP Saving: £4.00
Sci-MX Lean Grow MRF - 5KG
HOT PICK! Gain lean muscle with Sci-MX Lean Grow. High protein meal replacement, rich in amino acids, body fat reducing essential fatty acids. Rich, creamy and delicious
RRP Saving: £4.00
Sci-MX Mass System - 5KG
Pack on muscle mass fast with Sci-MX Mass System. Ideal for hard gainers. High calorie bulking fuel and comes in 3 delicious, creamy flavours
RRP Saving: £3.00
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