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See Yourself Slimmer Photo

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See Yourself Slimmer Photo

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See Yourself Slimmer Photo

Price: £19.99
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See Yourself Slimmer ? How?s that for motivation!!

We've teamed up with to offer a great new motivational tool for losing weight - a photo of how you'll look in the future if you stick to your weight loss goals.

It?s so simple; you send in your photo, they work their magic and you receive ?your slimmed down photo? to stick on your fridge, in your wallet, on your desk, anywhere where temptation lurks. Recommended by weight loss counsellors and fitness professionals, a See Yourself Slimmer photo is an excellent motivational booster.

Weight loss professionals all agree that the key to successful weight loss is actually being able to visualise yourself achieving your goals and being able to actually think about how you will feel when you do.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have enjoyed the benefits of their own See Yourself Slimmer photo ? here?s what just a few of them have said:

?Since May I have lost 2 stone, thanks very much for the photo it?s really inspired me?

?You are a genius! Thank you so much for the photo, my jaw dropped. This is the most positive way to help me lose the weight. I have not been able to imagine myself slimmer and this is just the incentive I needed?

?Wow ? that?s an incentive! It looks like me before having my son and quitting smoking?

Just some of the benefits

  • Lets you visualise your weight loss goals
  • Compliments your existing weight loss and fitness program
  • Boasts motivation on an existing weight loss program
  • Useful tool for re-invigorating a lagging program
  • Provides an instant and easy reminder of what you are working so hard towards
  • Great ?snack? deterrent being able to see what you could look like if you didn?t have that ?snack?
  • Good to be able to show friends/family/weight loss support group what you are aiming for

To find out more or to try See Yourself Slimmer, just click the 'Add to Cart' button above where you'll then be taken straight to their site

If you require more information about the See Yourself Slimmer Photo, please feel free to get in touch here
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